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Hong Kong-style restaurant in new Lee Lee market

The new Lee Lee market in Glendale, AZ is open, but the restaurant hasn't opened yet. I was in the market yesterday and was told that it is expected to open around June 1. However, there were menus available, so I nabbed one and have been drooling with anticipation. There will be many items that have not previously been readily available in the Phoenix area. Interesting offerings include congee served from 10 to 3 in combinations from mixed seafood, beef slices, salted pork with preserved duck egg, to pig blood . . . I'll try almost anything, but I may wait awhile to try that last one. The "Chinese Fried Stick" (sort of like a non-sweet churro, as I recall) is also available to eat with the congee.

A random sampling of interesting items from the rest of the menu will include seafood tofu soup, garlic fried chicken, Dong Jiang salt baked chicken, pork rib with bitter melon in black bean sauce, stir fried scallop, squid & broccoli in XO sauce. Under vegetables: "Monk's Special with Bamboo Sock" -- mmm, love that sock! There are clay pots, including eggplant, curry beef, pork belly with preserved mustard green, beef short rib with XO sauce, and the ever popular fish head in clay pot. Chow fun choices include pork ribs in black bean sauce chow fun, beef chow fun with XO sauce, and pepper beef with black bean sauce chow fun. The Chinese barbecue selection offers suckling roast pork (one of our favorite guilty pleasures), BBQ spareribs, three differenty styles of duck -- glazed roast, "Crispy PeiPa," and "Hope Kee Salty" style, not to mention "soy home grown chicken."

There are rice plates at lunchtime, including one with that suckling roast pig, or equally enticing, roast duck -- or then there is the "Yin Yen Legs Rice Plate," on which you apparently get a roast duck leg and a steamed chicken leg. The lunch page also lists several "soup noodles" -- it is unclear whether those are available only at lunch, but there will be shredded duck with wide rice noodle, shrimp wonton noodle soup Hong Kong style . . . Oh my. All this can be ours in only about three weeks.

A little take-out counter is already open, where you can get some pre-made sushi, tea, and a few other items. There are tables in this section for eating in.

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  1. The "Chinese Fried Stick" as you call it is the Chinese version of crullers and is called "yiou-tiao".

    Chinese pig blood isn't that bad; it's usually cubed and served the way chopped livers would be, and resembles in many ways hickory colored tofu, both in taste and texture (maybe a bit grainier).

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      That's not what I call it, it's what the menu calls it. My Chinese friend who introduced me to them in LA called it a Chinese doughnut. We used to get plain jook and eat it with that. I don't see plain jook/congee on this menu but I imagine you could order it that way.

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        Glendale. Cactus @ 75th Ave

        Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket
        7575 W Cactus Road, Peoria, AZ 85381

      2. I have little to add to the discussion, but I am curious- how long has the restaurant attached to the original Lee Lee been inoperation?

        You're so lucky to have a market/restaurant like that. I'm in Tucson, and our offerings are so much more limited. Except for a lot of sushi bars (thank the good Lord) and a few good Asian markets, we're sort of bereft of much Asian influence, Japanese in particular.

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          I don't believe there is such a restaurant attached to the original Lee Lee. I don't get over on that side of the Valley very often, but last time I was there, there was none. However, there are several Chinese restaurants in the same strip mall -- does anyone know if they are related?

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            I think the restaurant attached to the Chandler Lee Lee is a Vietnamese place that's been there for a while. The culinary attraction to that shopping center would be the Phoenix Palace Buffet.

          2. That sounds great - thanks for the update! Any eel on the menu?

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              Not listed at this point. Maybe they will have specials.

            2. Just FYI - in today's Arizona Republic, it mentions that Hope Kee opened Sunday. Hours are 10 am - 9 pm daily.

              If I didn't have plans already, I'd be heading over there tonight, though will definitely check it out later this week. It sounds like it would be a good place to get together for a Chowhound dinner so we can try lots of dishes.

              Hope Kee
              7575 W Cactus Road, Peoria, AZ 85381

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                We tried it last Friday for dinner.

                Enjoyed the bbq pork and yu shan eggplant clay pot.

                Can't wait to go back and try some more of their dishes!

              2. We tried the restaurant, Hope Kee, last Thursday evening for the first time. We ordered the pork pot stickers, beef chow fun with black bean sauce, and Portugese curry chicken. The pot stickers and their sesame flavored sauce were very tasty, although a tad oily for my preference. Instead of the beef chow fun, we received a version with squid -- we didn't send it back because we liked it, but it turned out that the computer system has mixed up the two dishes so this wasn't the first time this happened. The chicken curry was stew-like; the sauce tasted like a mix of Japanese block curry mix and coconut milk. Not my favorite, but my husband loves curry, so we had to try it.

                Service was friendly and helpful, although a bit confused. Most servers speak English. I asked a man who seemed to be the manager about "bamboo sock" and he gave an explanation that we didn't understand, something on the order of bamboo sock being kind of like fried pork skin and can be stewed to give good flavor -- ?? Guess we'll just have to try it someday. I also asked if the lunch congee/jook could be ordered with roast duck and he said no, but then suggested that I could order plain congee with a side of duck. Those ducks are hanging invitingly behind a glassed-in counter in the corner of the restaurant.

                At any rate, there are many interesting possibilities that we have yet to try, so we will be back. The prices are quite reasonable -- the chow fun and chicken curry were each $7.50, six pot stickers $4.50.

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                  I'm guessing that "bamboo sock" is bamboo pith, one of the fungi commonly found in Chinese cooking. (Another fungus you've probably had is the krinkly dark wood ear in hot and sour soup.) I'd probably describe bamboo pith as being like a crunchy sponge. Great for lovers of texture.

                2. Had to go to Lee Lee's today to shop for specialty items and decided to try the attached Hong Kong Restaurant before shopping due to the "hunger factor" What a terrible disappointment,I can sum it up pretty fast,unfriendly waitress,soured ice tea and cold food.I won't be going back to their restaurant.
                  Love the market though!