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Your favorite gourmet food stores?

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I travel quite a lot across the US and I am always on the lookout for a great store or supermarket selling gourmet foods. What are your favorite local food stores?

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  1. Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, MA (Huron Village) and the South End of Boston. Others in the Boston area that get good comments on the Boston board are Salumeria Italiana in the North End and Savenor's in Beacon Hill and in Cambridge.


    1. The West Point Market is my favorite local gourmet store. They have an amazing cheese and wine section and their selection of meat is quite good. http://www.westpointmarket.com/store/

      Gallucci's in Cleveland is very good, but I don't think it would be considered gourmet, as it is more ethnic Italian. http://www.tasteitaly.com/

      1. http://www.pennmac.com/
        fav source for pizza making supplies & outstanding fresh cheeses at fair prices

        Italian meats for antipasto, lunch platters

        ravioli, only company to match my dh's great grandma in taste and variety

        1. In Minneapolis it would be Byerly's. The Ridgedale location is the best by far.
          In Chicago it would be Fox & Obel. They are located near Navy Pier.

          1. New Seasons Market (a local chain) in Portland, OR, is lovely. Heck, if I'd grown up in New England, it would blow me away (ugh, the land of Stop and Shop). It's not "gourmet", per se, but it has a lot of gourmet food items in it. Wonderful seasonal produce, Oregon wines, fine cheese, local sustainable meats, lots of good chocolate.

            1. Budget Gourmet: Trader Joe's
              Ethnic: Mitsuwa shopping center, Torrance, CA.
              99 Ranch, San Gabriel, CA
              Broad General Gourmet: Surfas, Culver City, CA
              Chain: Whole Foods
              Independent: Vicente Foods, Brentwood, CA
              Small Local "family-run": Market Gourmet, Venice, CA

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                  Agreed - I think of it as a mini-specialty chain, as is Mitsuwa. Outside of areas that are highly populated with Asians, they're nonexistent. And compared to Whole Foods, they're mom&pop...

              1. In Louisville, KY we have Creation Gardens, a restaurant wholesaler with a rapidly-expanding retail space. Treasures galore! It's downtown on Main street.

                We also have Nuts and Stuff--a bulk foods and spices store with a bit of everything (Preston Highway near 264).

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                  File under: what was I thinking?

                  Lotsa Pasta--Lexington Road. Heaven!

                2. In Baltimore:

                  Eddies' of Roland Park

                  1. In Indianapolis, Indiana - The Cheese Shop in the Fashion Mall.
                    In Fishers, Indiana - Frasier's Gourmet Foods.
                    In Evansville, Indiana - Kitchen Affairs, on Vogel.

                    :-) Good stuff!

                    1. Island Pacific for Asian food--great fresh seafood selection.

                      1. Just north of Cincinnati is Jungle Jim's. While they do carry what I would call gourmet items their real strength is ethnic foods. I even worked there for a few days during a summer home from college. It ended badly with a cut finger and log of bologna that was suddenly (more of) a biohazard. Nonetheless, I still stop there almost weekly.

                        If you are in the area, it's a can't miss food stop.