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May 10, 2008 11:17 AM

Crabmeat--Best Price lately??

OK so I had a craving and I wanted to try my hand at the old bay crabcake recipe. So I went to UWS Fairway for some lump crabmeat. An 8oz container of lump crab meat was $17.99!!!!! I know crabmeat is costly these days so I was prepared myself for a high price--BUT NOT THAT HIGH. The recipe calls for 1bl of crabmeat! $35 seemed beyond the outter limit to me!? A guy in the store was grumbling at the prices while I looked and he mentioned that the fish store on 38st (ish) and 9th ave had the same container for like $10. Where are people buying fresh lumb crab meat at reasonable prices these days?? Does a reasonable price exist for lump crab meat anymore...? [I didn't even bother to check Citarella next door.] Thanks.

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  1. FreshDirect has a container of fresh lump crab meat for $20.99 for 1 lb. which seems far more reasonable.

    I think Whole Foods also has it for $11.99 or $12.99 for 8 oz. but I can't remember right now. And they have a few different options: lump, jumbo lump, or claw.