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May 10, 2008 11:11 AM

Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore

What restaurant in Baltimore would you describe as your single best find from the Chowhound board?

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  1. This is a fun one, and won't you please answer your own question?

    I'm a chowhound newbie, but I've been to three new-to-me restaurants since April 1, purely on Chowhound advice. Obviously I went with pretty cheap eats, but here they are:

    1. Thai Restaurant (Greenmount)
    2. Duda's (Fells Point)
    3. Red Star (Fells Point)

    I enjoyed all three restaurants. By far Red Star had the best ambiance. Thai Restaurant had the best service. Duda's had raw oysters better than Mama's. It's hard to compare the three since they are all so different. I'd probably go back to Thai and Red Star before Duda's, but only by a slim margin :)

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    1. re: cece_balti

      cece balti,
      I consider the single best find that I learned about on the Chowhound board to be Giovanna's on Harford Road in Baltimore. Giovanna's is nothing fancy - it's mostly takeout, but the Italian dishes are just fantastic. The prices at Giovanna's are a steal.

      1. re: cece_balti

        dear god...

        if Thai Restaurant on greenmount is the best chowhound find of baltimore... than i refuse to eat in this city anymore...

          1. re: kelarry

            Agreed. That Thai place is ok, but relatively expensive. Thai Landing is better.

            Thai Landing
            1207 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

      2. I went to Annabelle Lee's, having never heard of it before reading about it on Chowhound and really enjoyed it. A few months later, reviews started popping up in the Sun, etc. It was fun to feel a little ahead of the crowd on that one.

        Similar story with Jack's Bistro, but slightly smaller lag to the reviews.

        1. Orchard Market in Towson- This hidden persian gem made me so happy
          Conrad's Fish Market- This place has become my weekly fish market trip, so fresh so helpful and great variety- Thanks chowhounds

          And while I haven't made the trip yet Chowhound has me thrilled about Anna Bell Lee and Clementine

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          1. re: poached

            I've only been to Orchard Market once - we went for the lunch buffet on a Sunday about a year ago. I was very unfamiliar with Persian food at the time, so it was helpful to try a number of different dishes. Overall the food was very good. Our Server was very pleasent and I thought the decor was very upscale looking concidering the buffet was pretty reasonably priced. I have since read that their food is rated very highly by just about everyone who has reviewed them as well as by Zagat.

            1. re: poached

              I just had a dinner so good that I had to revisit and add to my previous post.
              Birches! and again Birches! wonderfully deconstructed pub food done in an inventive almost upscale way. The spinach salad is incredible and yes I too think it is odd to rave about a salad but it is just that tasty, the buffalo shrimp as an addition make it finger licking good.- the place has a wonderful atmosphere in and out. The petite steak was well, perfect with the homemade chips and the buffalo butter A+

              I love restuarants of all makes and creeds but I am always looking for that casual resturant that feels like a better version of both my home and my kitchen. Birches has been added to that list

              1. re: poached

                I thought that Birches was for sale?

                1. re: Jason1

                  I have no idea- that would be sad if indeed true

            2. There have been quite a few over the years, but my current "find" from the boards has been El Patio, the Argentine place in Jessup. Amazing empandas!

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              1. re: baltoellen

                My Fiance and I took your advice and tried El Patio. I am not really an empanada person (although I did put a hurting on the ones I tried) but my Fiance IS and she just loved them. She also thought the yukka was the best that she's had. Aside from that I ordered a half a rotissarie chicken (which was actually very good) with rice and fried yukka. The people working at El Patio were very nice and accomidating. My Fiance wants to go back again soon.

                1. re: Whitemarshjohn

                  Glad both of you liked the place.....and, I never, ever would have found it w/o CH. Also, try the homemade flan with a side of dulce de leche next time...mmmm!

                2. re: baltoellen

                  I've driven past this place a number of times only catching the name of it and not really knowing what the heck kind of place it was trying to be. Thanks for the tip on El Patio, I'll have to check it out.


                3. La Cazuela on Eastern Avenue. Consistently good; great place to take friends; exactly the kind of place I like to support.