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May 10, 2008 10:46 AM

Late Night/ All Night Eats

Besides Beth's Cafe in Greenlake... what are some other recommended late night/ all night places to eat? I am open to a wide range of places, locations, and types of food. The only requirement is that it has to be delicious eats.

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  1. Cafe Presse on Capitol Hill serves food until 2am. Their frites any time of day or night hit the spot.

    1. Several places in the ID are open late. Hing Loon is probably the most chowish of the bunch, but Purple Dot is also notable as a Macau-style cafe open past 3am.

      1. Umi Sake House has a great late-night happy hour - and the regular menu is available too. I love the sushi there.

        Wasabi Bistro also has late night sushi - and a late night happy hour.

        On Friday & Saturday nights, the Mecca in Queen Anne serves good diner food 24 hours.

        1. Wasabi Bistro is some of the best sushi, late night or not, in my very humble opinion...