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May 10, 2008 10:39 AM

Dogfish Head in West Los Angeles?

So, about a month ago Dogfish Head beers should have started shipping to California after about four years without distribution. I've seen them on tap at Najas, and in Bevmo and Whole Foods in Orange County...

... But nothing closer to home in Santa Monica. Any sightings in the greater West Los Angeles area? The owner of Wine Expo theorized that Stone might be intentionally blocking distribution... but I doubt it.

Any ideas?

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  1. I thought I read somewhere that Tony P's Dockside Grill in Marina Del Rey was carrying it.

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      Moomin, I just checked with Tony P's. They have 3 types in the bottle, (didn't ask him which ones) but nothing on tap yet. Their plan is too get it on tap as well at some point.

    2. I spotted Dogfish Head in four-packs at Beverage Warehouse yesterday. They had three different brews: an IPA - I can't recall which one (I'm not partial to IPAs), Midas Touch Golden Elixer, and Indian Brown Ale. Prices were around $12 to $14 if I correctly recall... Almost picked up a pack Indian Brown Ale but opted for the Allagash Black Stout instead...

      1. Last weekend, I had it at the Library Alehouse in Santa Monica. It was listed as a special and was on tap. Pure bliss :)

        Library Alehouse
        2911 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

        1. Moomin,
          West LA to downtown and up to Pasadena is coming on board the very first of next year. Contracts are being reviewed and will be signed soon.
          Dogfish Head

          1. The news from Claus is most encouraging, although I'm pleased to report that after being told yesterday at Red Carpet in Glendale that there was no progress and Dogfish has been "two weeks away" for months, I found (well, my wife spotted and I bought) 90-min IPA and Palo Santo from the Whole Foods in Glendale just this afternoon. It was as though the clouds parted and the heavens sang.

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              As is the real weather seems most fair on the Westside, the clouds parted at this end of town over 6 months ago at Beverage Warehouse. They've been carrying Dogfish Head brews all this time...

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                I grabbed some too.
                I don't know who's responsible for the beer department at WF Glendale but they are doing a great job for a grocery store. They just added Pliney and Blind Pig to their lineup.

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                  I bought 90 minute IPA several times at the Vendome on Ventura in Studio City a few months ago. I haven't been back recently. Next to Pliny the Elder, DFH 90 minute IPA is my favorite beer of the moment.

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                    Vendome Liquor & Wine Shops
                    11555 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA