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May 10, 2008 09:38 AM

stacked enchiladas w green chili

Anybody know of a place that makes a good New Mexico style enchilada, stacked w. a green chili sauce, probably blue corn torillas, and a fried egg on top?

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  1. Jardin Corona makes a stacked chicken/cheese enchilada with blue corn of the few dishes that I like there. I think that it is even called "Enchiladas Santa Fe." The one I got was stuffed with chicken. When I go back, I am going to ask them to cut the chicken in half, replaced with vegetables. I'm sure they'd plop a fried egg on top if you asked them.

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    1. The Texican and Jorge's on Hancock. Both come with red sauce but I'm sure green is available.

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        Jorge's does them right (I'm from El Paso). Just ask for them the way you described above. The Hatch green sauce is quite good.

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          Many thanks. If you get the right sauce and the fried egg, the rest sort of falls in place.

      2. I'll give 'em a try, but there's green sauce and there's green sauce. Most places around here seem to favor green sauce where tomatillo predominates. It is good but it is a whole different thing from a Hatch chili green sauce. Try the green sauce at the market at Cameron and 290. I think it is jalapeno based but it is good...comes in a bottle that looks like a little pop bottle.

        1. Chuy's does a decent version with ummmm I think blue corn tortillas. But they have good hatch green chile enchilada sauce and of course cook your egg whatever way you want it. Love stacked enchi's!!

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            You know, I don't think Gorge's has blue tortillas. If that's a deciding factor, you may want to call before you go.

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              ZTejas makes good green chile enchiladas.