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May 10, 2008 09:20 AM

SGV for mother's day?

Getting my husband to 1) drive a long distance for a meal 2) try something new is nearly impossible so I was thinking that maybe I could ask for some real chinese food on mother's day when he can't refuse or complain. So I have two questions; the first, is mother's day the wrong day to do this ie will it be a madhouse? And where to eat? I enjoy dim sum & chinese food in general but SGV is new to me. If you think mother's day is an ok day to check it out (& perhaps get my hubby hooked so we can venture east more often) what would be best. Also, we would be eating with our children & my son would most likely simply enjoy a bowl of rice. Would this be available with dim sum? I feel a bit embarassed asking these questions....although I know lots about other kinds of cuisine's, I am a novice when it comes to Chinese food but I am adventurous & a food lover.

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  1. dotrat,

    First, Happy Mother's Day.

    Second, because it appears you are aiming to do dim sum (correct, yes?) then I am assuming you will be doing a brunch/lunch type of meal -- and not dinner.

    Third, while it'll be crowded for a Sunday at most dim sum places, it will be manageable. The crowds will be more intense because of Mother's Day, but nothing that should deter your trip or plans. Esp. if you get to the restaurant early, e.g. 10 or 10:30, you'll be fine as far as getting seated ASAP. So, yes, it is OK to check out during M's Day.

    Fourth, as to your kiddies, any dim sum place will gladly cook up a fried rice dish for those in party that do no with to partake of the goodies.

    Fifth, and most importantly, where to eat? To answer that question, you've got to decide whether you want cart-style (where ladies roll around carts of dim sum) or menu-style (where you order what you want from a menu, no carts).

    If you want cart-style, I would suggest Ocean Star, followed by 888. If you want menu-style, I would suggest Sea Harbour, with a close second being Elite, and a distant third being Triumphal Palace (new chef, so be warned).

    Also, use the search function and type in "dim sum" and you'll be inundated with info that won't necessarily be biased with my skewed view of the world. :-)

    Post back if you have more questions and enjoy wherever you end up.