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May 10, 2008 09:03 AM

'FESS UP! You know you love chains!

Yes, we all love to act like chain restaurants are beneath us but COME ON! We all go to them and have things we love to eat there. Here is your chance to come clean in (relative) anonymity and not be afraid of losing friends, family members or clients. Tell me your favorite foods at chain restaurants and unburden yourself from the shame!

Me first:

Macaroni Grill: The free rosemary bread and their new soup, Chicken Toscana.
Bennigan's: Turkey sandwich on a pretzel roll.
Bailey's: Turkey sandwich on a pretzel roll (I like hot pretzels, so what?)
Red Robin: The bbq chicken wrap... it has tortillas strips in it, yummy!
Panera: Cinnamon crunch bagel.
Chevy's: They have the best chips and salsa around. I never order, I just eat the chips and steal the corn pudding from everybody else's plate.
Ruby Tuesday: The mayo based pasta/ham/pea salad on the salad bar is the only reason I go.
Outback: Chopped blue cheese salad and, of course, the blooming onion.

Your turn!

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  1. McD: Nothing tops the McGriddle.

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      1. re: PJ4

        Yeah, I love these too. Bacon, egg and cheese (not a fan of the sausage.) This is definitely one of those items that people either love or hate.

        The only annoying thing about them is that they are called McGriddles even if it's just one of them. Is that because there are two griddle cakes that make up a sandwich?

      2. Okay, I'll play.

        Five Guys: Cheese burger and fries
        Carraba's: Chicken Bryan
        Perkin's: Blueberry pancakes
        Subway: Tuna Salad

        1. Subway sandwiches and Olive Garden's minestrone.

          1. Carl's Jr. - Crispy chicken, bacon, swiss sandwich
            Tommy's - Double chili cheeseburger with extra chili and onions.
            Claim Jumper - Chopped blue cheese wedge salad.
            In n Out - Double Double animal style

            1. Double wopper with cheese
              Popeye's spicy chicken
              There. you satisfied now?