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May 10, 2008 08:56 AM

Friday Night Girls' Night?

I"m a married 30-something, but i'm looking to make a girls' night of a Friday night a few weeks from now with three single friends of a similar age. Obviously I want to take them to a bit of a scene-y place with a good chance of mixing and mingling. Three of us four love food and don't mind paying for it- the fourth will have to deal ;) Suggestions?

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  1. The Drake Hotel on Queen West......Miranda

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      the drake's expensive but was there recently and it was very very busy and the crowd did not seem super young...very loud...great for dancing not so much for intimate conversation.
      kultura....i was there when it first open and the downstairs/bar area was very happening...don't know if it still is.
      nyood..haven't been but heard the food is good and it's definitely sceney.

    2. sounds like you guys will have a blast!
      my suggestions:
      1. Colborne Lane - fantastic tapas, great martinis, good selection of wine. try the cod.
      2. Sorrizo (College/Clinton) - Im surprised this place is not being mentioned much on the board. They have a young and caring chef and super friendly staff. I love their seafood dishes and their great selection of dessert wine. The seats are cozy but a little bit too dark for my preference.
      3, Fat Cat (Yonge) I love their wine selection. Great Comfort food. Knowledge staff. Whatever soup they have on their menu that evening, try it.
      4. Thuet - My experience with them is either hit or miss. But the hits - wow fantastic food, and that alone keeps me going back. I do think the service is a little too snobbish, and the seats arent very comfortable.
      5. Chiado - My favorite restaurant in the city. hands down. It might be alittle heavy for early summer though. I would just take a seat at the bar and enjoy the wine and the entertaining bartender. I think you will too ;)

      Have fun gals!

      1. It's not fair if everyone else has money and one of your friends is forced to feel awkward and "deal" while the rest of you indulge... Either you all pitch in and make up the difference so your other friend doesn't have to jeopardize her rent. If she has the money and is just cheap, then she can "deal"...

        Here is my suggestion regardless... If you're in your 30's, and there are singletons, it's all about the "scene". So it should be many cocktails at a bustling, fun outdoor patio, followed by a late night cheap and moderately greasy dinner.

        For patios for singletons with lots of mingling and probably lots of guys, try:

        The Drake
        C Lounge
        SkyBar (haven't been)
        The Madison (might be too young)

        Once you arrive at your first location, have your single friends gather business cards from the eligible, cute guys, and write the name of another cool place on the back of the card. Everyone draws a card and you hop in cabs and make the rounds. End the evening at Swatow in Chinatown (309 Spadina Ave.) - I think they're open until 3am - and make sure you order the George Tso Chicken, the deep-fried wontons and whatever else you want... Go a couple of door north to Lee Garden for the deep fried banana for dessert (make sure you share a big table with strangers for even more fun) and then slide into your cab(s) afterward and head home. Don't forget to pick up a big bottle of Perrier and some Tylenol for the next morning. Have fun!

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          the fourth friend just doesn't like food- she's not broke- that would be mean! she'll probably just join for drinks after. thanks!

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            My apologies... I misunderstood the part about your friend - I didn't realize it was a "food" versus a "financial" situation... I'm sure it will be a great time. :-)