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May 10, 2008 08:41 AM

Bon Appetit Des Caraibes

After walking by this place for several months a friend and I decided to drop in for lunch yesterday.

All I can say is WOW, what a discovery.

We had “Doubles” which is like fried spicy donuts and another item which was a long dough with spicy potatoes inside. They both are served with Tamarind sauce
As a main we both had the “Jerk Chicken” which was fantastic.
The chicken’s skin was crispy and well seasoned with a delicious Jerk rub.
The plate came with a HUGE helping of seasoned brown rice and string beans.

Warning: The house spicy sauce made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, that they bring on the side is HOT, proceed with caution.

The young lady serving was cheerful and accommodating (We asked so many questions about the menu).

The whole package made for a very nice lunch and at $12.95 total a great deal.

Bon Appetit Des Caraibes
3426 Notre Dame/Atwater

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  1. I would expect you mean Scotch Bonnet instead of bell peppers which are sweet. However, excellent review and a spot to keep in mind.

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    1. re: mrbozo

      Oups, mrbozo you are right I meant to say Scotch Bonnet.
      I have corrected it.
      I guess I should only post after I have had my second cup of coffee.

    2. Thanks for the report - sounds delightful! Must give it a try some time.

      1. Went to Bon Appetit Des Caraibes today. Had their Jerk Chicken. Is the seasoning for jerk chicken suppose to be a tomato/ketchup type BBQ sauce, that is spiced up a little bit? That's what Bon Appetit Des Caraibes is doing(so disappointed, sorry to say). Yes, the chichen is very moist, but what's with BBQ sauce for jerk seasoning? And they have BBQ chicken on the menu(it's the same sauce/marinade as used for their jerk chicken minus some of the spicy spices). Also tried their aloo pie from their appetizer section, which was not too great(suppose to be deep-fried, but it didn't seem to be deep-fried to me), although I've never tasted this dish before.

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        1. re: BLM

          BLM, sorry to hear you did not enjoy it.
          Although I am far from a expert in Jerk Chicken, my friend and I loved it and two friends of mine that are Guyanese went Sunday and they also loved everything.

          Since you are in the area have you tried Bitoque?
          I haven't yet as they had a horrific review in Hour.

          1. re: BLM

            I think there are both dry and wet jerk recipes (which are more tomatoey); at least that is what I have eaten in Jamaica. And while I actually prefer the dry rubs for my belly, I think it is "authentic" (whatever that means) to have a wet sauce on the chicken, as long as the spices (scotch bonnet, allspice, cloves and thyme maybe) are there and it is prepared in a jerk pit or barbeque.

          2. I'm actually eating a potato roti from there right now! (Wednesdays = 2 for 1!) It's fairly tasty (not overly exciting, but that's to be expected!) and I had them add some hot sauce. I was also tempted by the polouries (sp?) which appear to be fluffy balls of deep-fried goodness accompanied by a tasty sauce to dip.

            I stopped by there on a Sunday one time and they have a brunch special all day - something like 10 or 12 dishes (smoked herring being one that I recall) and I *think* you can eat all you like - $10! I took a plate to go and it was great.