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May 10, 2008 08:31 AM

Mother's Day Dinner Recommendation, Please!

Hi all,

I need your help! I grew up in Boston and am back visiting for Mother's Day.

Where should I take my mother and father for dinner tomorrow?

The 'rents are a lively and adventurous 60 years old with retirement no where on their radar screens. I'm looking for a place that's somewhat-hip-yet-classy in design and menu, preferably with lower noise level. Key is that the food must be inventive and consistently good. Open to any type of cuisine. The only other stipulation is that the place has to be in Boston or Cambridge or somewhere close to downtown.

I considered Grill 23, but thought it a bit old school. I considered Banq, but based on the reviews I don't trust the reliability of the food quality. Petite Robert Bistro looked too casual, and Mistral was booked. (I've been looking at places online, so my impressions may be off.)

Please help!


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  1. At this late hour and knowing what a zoo Mothers Day is at restaurants in general , your best bet is to check availablity on OpenTable. I checked and around the 7pm timeframe there is availability at Pigalle and Sorellina both of which I can highly recommend as excellent and reliable quality, inventive, classy, not loud but somewhat pricey ( though if u were thinking Grill 23 they are in the same range ) . I think Pigalle more intimate ..but you should book asap

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      They may be booked, but I'd recommend EVOO, Craigie St. Bistrot and Oleana. All delicious, creative and classy...and in Cambride (EVOO technically Somerville, but close).