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Best wings in Baltimore?

What restaurant in Baltimore has the best buffalo wings?

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  1. Dizzy Issie's has the best I've had recently. Good burgers too.

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      Definately Dizzy Issies, big, meaty and crispy! I also like the wings at Nacho Mamas.

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        I've always loved Dead Freddies wings on Harford Rd in Parkville. Second choice is Ale Mary's

      2. I love the wings at Ale Mary's (Washington & Fleet). They grill their wings, the place doesn't even have a deep fryer. Delicious!

        Just over the city line, the wings at Buffalo Wings & Beer (Parkville Shopping Center, Harford & Taylor) are good as well. Tuesday is wing night, buy 1 lb. get 1 free.

        1. For something a little different, I like the wings at Geckos. They are served with a mango dipping sauce. However, for traditional wings, I don't mind Dead Freddies.

          1. I'd have to say either Bruce Lee's Wings in Cross Street market or the Old Bay Wings at Mama's On The Half Shell

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              Balto-Buffalo (Buffalo Sauce with Old Bay) wings at Mahaffey's Pub. I typically ask for them well done.

            2. The best wings I've ever had in my entire life are at Caton Castle, in far W. Balto. (I was there for a jazz concert, so I don't know if you can just go there an order wings if there isn't music.)

              I also really liked the ones at Joe Squared, although I haven't been there since the awful experience earlier this year.....but, I assume that they are still very good, with unique sauces.

              1. Although this betrays my limited experience with the boutique hangouts that many on this board seem to frequent, I must say that Bill Bateman's Bistro in Carney currently holds the "go to" tag vis-a-vis wings. I'm not proud of this selection, but perhaps it signifies either my failure to venture forth or a real dearth in wing excellence hereabouts. See, the original Dead Freddies on Harford Rd, when the brothers (name forgotten) owned it, was THE buffalo wing Oracle of the 80s/90s. Though they still have 4 different grades of heat, the current Freddies just doesn't cut the mustard for me after being spoiled for practically a decade - though the wings still ain't bad. (OK, using black pepper to heighten the heat level is anathema to me - but this is a method seen used elsewhere). Oh, those halcyon days in the 90's when we dared each other to eat more than three #4 wings. Oddly enough, the only person whom I'd seen eat all 10 #4s was a lady - and she didn't even perspire nor flinch! Must be physiology or something. I've been to Buffalo Wings and Beer in Parkville Shopping Center twice, and neither was a pleasant experience. Service and food were embarrasing - this might explain why the place was uncontaminated by customers. The trick to wings is to not overcook them, plus use a real chili pepper based sauce with butter.

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                  I agree Freddie's wings have never been the same as when the place was owned by the Steele brothers. I also really enjoy the wings at Kislings in Canton. Unique flavor that is really good.

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                    Thank you for the nice compliments on Freddies wings.... seriously. I personally made most of them during the 90s and developed the wing sauces. Oh and BTW Dead Freddies opened in 1992 or 1993, not the 80s.
                    Wings are one of those things that everyone does but nobody cares enough to do well. Its on the majority of restaurants appetizer menus, but they are rarely done well. I've stopped ordering them when I go out because they just don't hit the spot. When I need a wing fix I make them myself.

                    I can provide the original recipes and some techniques for those who are interested, though we changed it a few times the years I was there.

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                      Thanks for the info chickenjello! I would be very interested in some information. I'm a huge wing fan, but making them at home usually ends in disappointment.

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                        I'd love your original recipes and cooking techniques! Post em up!

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                          So tell us already....I can use all the help I can get

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                            Did you work with Jeff Asbury!! Those were the days! Pleas do sent the recipe ebbhead1973@gmail.com

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                              I know this is an old post but I'd sure like to have the recipe for the old Freddies wings. I spent a lot of time there in the 90's and moved to Minnesota in 1996. I sure miss those wings and always try to grab some when I am in town.

                          2. Alonso's on Cold Spring lane used to have GREAT wings. Not sure what they are like now, but probably worth trying!

                            1. MacGerks are solid, as are Kisslings. Bruce Lee Wings at cross street market are awesome. Heck, even Batemans has pretty good wings. Baltimore is blessed with having excellend options when it comes to eating wings.

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                                Considering I just devoured 26 wings for Bateman's wing night last night, I have to agree. They are quite tasty.

                                On an additional note, I used to have wings at the Midtown Yacht Club and they were great (they also had a wing night ... Thursday's I think?), but I haven't tried them in a good while.

                              2. I used this board to find a good place for wings for a party recently and based on the suggestions and my location (Canton), I chose Kisslings. I'm not a wing-eater myself but we received tons of compliments. People loved them.

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                                  On/Off Topic but the worst wings I've had in this city were at the Pratt Street location of Wharf Ray a week and half ago. It was like they were cooked for a patron three hours before I sat down. The celery was stale and rubbery. Very dissapointing.

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                                    Wharf Rat Pratt St just sold and new owners seem determined to make it better, but not the Ann St. location which is still owned by the Olivers...according to published reports.

                                2. Bruce Lee's are good, but definitely not buffalo-style.

                                  I'll have to check out Dizzy Issie's wings, but the best I've had in Baltimore were at Coburn's in Canton. The wings are large, crispy and are allowed to absorb the sauce instead of arriving in a pool of grease (Kisling's). If you like them hot, you should specify since the default is not very spicy. Haven't been there in a while, definitely need to get back soon.

                                  1. Bill Bateman's, Kisling's and, surprisingly Dego Dames on Eastern Ave are some of the best I've had in town.

                                    1. A non-buffalo wing of note: Szechuan House has an appetizer called paper wrapped chicken. Sounds so weird nobody gets it. Meaty wing drummettes in soyish bbq sauce cooked in tightly wrapped aluminum foil you have to pick off. It's just great.You will need the hot towels they bring, but totally worth it.

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                                        there is a place on frederick ave. in balto. city, this guy usually tailgates out of his house every sunday and he grills wings and they are awesome, crispy and juicy, not dry at all. I stopped by when i saw the crowd and the smoke from his grills, found out he was grilling wings and had to try them, wow ! i am a big wing fan of wings but when i tryed his i had to ask him if he would cook me some, he grilled ten poulds of wings for me and i tell you they were eaten up so quick they were good and spicy, wow got to say they were great. I am ordering a whole case of wings this weekend for me and my friends for the ravens game on sunday. You got to try them, you will be amazed, you just can not eat a little.

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                                          Wings Things and More (great name) on Frederick Rd. in Catonsville is a great place for a wing fix. They are big and juicy with a ton of meat. The only knock on them is that they are not crispy at all, but they're a meal by themselves.

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                                            I happen to agree the Wings & Things on Frederick Ave has HUGE wings and alot of really interesting flavors. This is the kind of hole-in- the wall places that needs to be discovered !

                                      2. I've had many wing deliveries from American Wings and Pizza, on 24th and St Paul. There's about 15 flavors, including saucy and non-saucy. Favorites include the Key West (Thyme, Basil and Lemon) and Honey BBQ Gold. My only bad experience has been the Honey Garlic, as I was expecting minced garlic and recieved sticky wings covered in garlic powder.

                                        That place got me through college.

                                        1. You have to try AMERICA'S BEST WINGS in Edmondson Village! Best wings by far! Deep fried then sauced. They offer the classic buffalo sauces and over 30 other flavors! Everyone in Baltimore needs to check it out.