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May 10, 2008 07:30 AM

Best wings in Baltimore?

What restaurant in Baltimore has the best buffalo wings?

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  1. Dizzy Issie's has the best I've had recently. Good burgers too.

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    1. re: JonParker

      Definately Dizzy Issies, big, meaty and crispy! I also like the wings at Nacho Mamas.

      1. re: JonParker

        I've always loved Dead Freddies wings on Harford Rd in Parkville. Second choice is Ale Mary's

      2. I love the wings at Ale Mary's (Washington & Fleet). They grill their wings, the place doesn't even have a deep fryer. Delicious!

        Just over the city line, the wings at Buffalo Wings & Beer (Parkville Shopping Center, Harford & Taylor) are good as well. Tuesday is wing night, buy 1 lb. get 1 free.

        1. For something a little different, I like the wings at Geckos. They are served with a mango dipping sauce. However, for traditional wings, I don't mind Dead Freddies.

          1. I'd have to say either Bruce Lee's Wings in Cross Street market or the Old Bay Wings at Mama's On The Half Shell

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            1. re: MarcDC

              Balto-Buffalo (Buffalo Sauce with Old Bay) wings at Mahaffey's Pub. I typically ask for them well done.

            2. The best wings I've ever had in my entire life are at Caton Castle, in far W. Balto. (I was there for a jazz concert, so I don't know if you can just go there an order wings if there isn't music.)

              I also really liked the ones at Joe Squared, although I haven't been there since the awful experience earlier this year.....but, I assume that they are still very good, with unique sauces.