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May 9, 2008 10:12 PM

Phoenix CSA - Home Delivery

Are any of you currently using one of the local home delivery services? If so, tell me about it!

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  1. I belong to Desert Roots CSA and use their home delivery. I live in Chandler, and don't have easy access to a good farmer's market, so the CSA delivery is great for me. I usually can't finish all the produce in a week, but it keeps very well, and I have lots of family to share it with. They kiss my butt for the broccoli and carrots actually. I think it comes out to about $23 a week, and delivery is $60 a quarter?? If you don't mind relinquishing control of which veggies you eat every week, already spend a good deal on organic produce, and care about supporting local farms, then DO IT!

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      Yamalam. have you been happy with Desert Roots?

      We were members last summer for the two summer seasons. Admittedly this is probably not the best season to really give them a good chance which is why i'm curious how you've found the seasons you've been with them. We foudn the quality to be hit and miss overall...and the variety. Seemed all we were getting was spaghetti squash and armenian cucumbers for the most part. we'd get a couple ears of corn each week but invariably I had to toss them as they'd already gone past prime. We had a half share and for two people I didn't have trouble getting through the amount but just wasn't sure I felt it was worth it so didn't sign back up for fall...I had originally thought I'd try again in the spring ot see if things were better in the better growing seasons but forgot and now it's summer again.

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        I did the winter and am 1/2way thru spring. So far it's been great, the last 2 seasons I learned to love beets and expanded my greens awareness (mizuna is delish), and I could pretty much count on carrots, onions, garlic, herbs, fennel, broccoli/caulfiflower/green beans and some sort of lettuce every other week, so my staples were satisfied. Had some tasty citrus too. As for quality, my point of reference is Safeway and Sprouts, so it's awesome compared to the sad organic sections at those two places. I've yet to get around to trying any farmers markets except for Downtown Phx, and that is too far away to be a regular trip, so it kills the competition on convenience too. I'm not sure if I'll continue thru the summer, more because of camp and vacation scheduling than anything else. To the OP and other potential customers, it sounds like summer might not be a good time to start, and Ziggylu, maybe it's worth another try when the weather cools down. Or, I think they allow visitors to the farm, so perhaps you could check it out in person. You know you'll be in QC for a Pork Shop run at some point this fall:)

        1. re: yamalam

          Thanks for the response, yamalam. Sounds like there was a lot more variety in the better growing seasons which makes sense. They've partnered with Crooked Sky as well since we were members so that's probably given them some more options as well.
          I'll have to look at it again in the Fall. I liked the idea and loved the convenience( we had ours dropped off at my husband's office...I think Desert Roots actually picked up some new members because of this as his co-workers were really intrigued and made sure to check out each week's delivery).

          Pork Shop....I need to get down there before they close for summer actually. Was planning to go get some peaches at Schnepf last Sat and swing by the Pork Shop but got stuck at work too late. Do you know what dates they'll be closed by any chance?

    2. After receiving a flyer on my door this morning, I just signed up for Chef-to-Chef local produce delivery for pickup. Its conveniently down the street from me. For anyone on this side of the Valley, it's Saturdays 9-11 am at 67th and Happy Valley.

      Has anyone done this particular one before? I liked the set-up - it's $25 a bag, and they email you with what the contents are so you can decide week to week if you want to pick it up. This week includes "striped Armenian cucumber, basil and lemon basil, variety of tomatoes, carrots, variety of squash, red and yellow onions, green beans, mixed potatoes, Anna and Dorsett apples".

      They also have items for sale that they don't get enough to provide for all the bags. For anyone in the NW Valley this seems like a great idea as it's based in Peoria.

      More info here -