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May 9, 2008 08:13 PM

UWS lunch on a Monday

Any recommendations for a 12-person lunch on a Monday on the UWS? Wheelchair accessible is a plus. I know this is difficult, but I appreciate the help.

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  1. I think Cafe Frida would be totally do-able! Tasty Mexican served in a casual, festive enviro

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      While I agree that the food at Cafe Frida can be good, I think the service leaves a lot to be desired. The last time I brought a group of 10 there, the service was beyond terrible. There is an auto-grat for parties of that large, and the staff clearly felt they needn't even do the basics because they were already "guaranteed" their gratuity. It was very unpleasant.

    2. You'd have to check on whether they are open for lunch, but the most spacious place I can think of on the UWS is Dean's (85th between Bway and Amsterdam) -- the space is huge, all on one level, and they should be able to accommodate a party that size without any trouble. (The food is OK, not great -- pizza is the best choice.)

      1. What about Zeytin at 85th and Columbus? I think that it's wheelchair accessible and the inside is reasonably spacious.