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May 9, 2008 08:10 PM

Greasy spoon?

Where in San Diego is there a really good "greasy spoon" type cafe? I'm talkin' Mel's Diner. The kind of place where you can sit at the counter between two people reading the paper and slurping on coffee while waiting for their patty melts or today's special, left-over meatloaf sandwiches, (which I love). The kind of place where you almost expect to drip something on your shirt.

I remember when Woolworths was still Downtown. I went there many times and just loved it.


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  1. In Encinitas, there is the Encinitas Cafe which totally fits that bill.

    I heart the Encinitas Cafe. They roast their own turkeys there. I love the burger and fries. It is cash only and affordable.

    Oh, yummy hash browns too

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      Encinitas cafe...Good call!

      I've been there twice now. The first time I went it was on Mother's day. I expected it to be really packed, but it wasn't. I sat right at the counter and had the "grilled turkey and avocado sandwhich on sourdough was really good. I tell you I never saw the bottom of my ice tea glass because itwas refilled quite often. I also like how the staff greets all of their regulars by name. One person behind the counter actually remebered me from my first time even though it was about two weeks later.

      I especially like the drive. I live in MiraMesa and I drove up the 101 from DelMar. I think that is one San Diego's most beautiful scenes.

      Next I'm going to try Perry's.

      Thanx for all the suggestions.


      1. re: sd4life

        Oh awesome, Rich! I am so glad you enjoyed it. And, yes, that drive is beautiful.

        They know us by name. And we know all of the wait staff by name as well.


    2. Perry's in Old Town, kitty-korner from the transit center. It's really an old Sambo's but they never converted the interior. You can sit at the counter between two people reading the paper and slurping coffee. Their cooks earn their wage, so do the waitresses

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        Second to Perry's. That place makes me so happy.

      2. My favourite "greasy spoon" is Rudford's on El Cajon Blvd. They've been in San Diego as long as I can remember, and put out some decent food. There's a counter, booths - the usual. I haven't been in a while, but I hope their cook is still making his salsa. Really good stuff!

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        1. re: phee

          Second Rudford's. 24 hr joint, great hot roast beef sandwiches (the beef is like pot roast), good fried fish sandwiches, decent breakfasts.

        2. Village Kitchen in Ocean Beach

          1. Also try -
            Harry's Coffee Shop in LJ
            Night and Day Cafe in Coronado
            the Huddle in Mission Hills