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May 9, 2008 07:48 PM

A Frozen Appetizer question

Hi; I wasn't sure where to post this question, esp. as it's probably ridiculous. However, I hope someone can help me, so thanks a lot in advance.
I bought a frozen package of onion petals that has a packet of the 'famous' sauce one normally gets when in a restaurant. There are absolutely NO directions or instructions on the box as to whether I should put the packet in the microwave, run it under hot water or what. I couldn't believe it. It's the basic Aussie sauce served with o. petals, but I'm skeptical of just thawing it and pouring it into a ramekin or other container. I just wrote the company, stating they should inform consumers regarding how to heat up the sauce. I'm not sure what's actually in it, either, as I can't read anything with such small print. My mouth is watering for this fattening treat. Has anyone else bought one of these frozen products (Great American) or any other that has a similar sauce with no instructions whatsoever? Lastly, any ideas as to what I should do? Again, thanks so much for any help! :-(

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  1. let it thaw then microwave for a bit if you want it warm

      1. re: Morticia

        Onions cut into wide strips vertically (as opposed to rings, which are sliced horizontally), then dipped in a spicy batter and deep fried. "Petals" refers to their flower-petal shape. Sometimes, the onion is cut down from the top but left intact at the bottom and the whole thing is batter dipped and deep fried to make a "blooming onion." Onion petals are just individual pieces from a blooming onion.

      2. You could try running it under hot water first. If it's thawed and warm enough, you should be okay serving it from the packet. But it might not hurt to microwave it. Just depends on your preference.

        1. I think the sauce is served chilled or room temp in the restaurants, so no heating required.

          1. Thanks so much to each of you! I thought I had deleted the post as I felt it was such a stupid question. I apologize for not checking sooner to make sure, because I always appreciate the time someone takes to help another in any situation. I also hope I'm posting this correctly so that each of you know I'm very grateful for your help. Thanks SO much for helping me. I obviously need to check my settings again, as I thought I was supposed to get e mails notifying me of responses. Fyi, the sauce is in a heavy plastic packet and isn't frozen but pliable. Thanks again, y'all!