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May 9, 2008 07:05 PM

Creme Brulee French Toast

Can anyone suggest a substitute for corn syrup? I am planning to make the Creme Brulee French Toast (from for Mother's Day, but don't want to buy corn syrup just for this recipe.
Is there a substitute (honey?) that I can use, or, if anyone has already made the recipe, is the corn syrup essential to the recipe, or can I just totally omit it? Also, if you have made it, did you follow the recipe exactly, or did you tweak it?

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  1. I subbed 2 Tbsp maple syrup, I have corn syrup but thought this would add more flavor. Since I never made it with corn syrup I don't know how it compares though.

    1. I have never made the recipe, but Corn Syrup does some pretty interesting things, so I suspect that if you substituted a different sweetener you wouldn't really notice, but you might not get the full effect of the corn syrup. The Corn syrup will keep the caramel in the recipe from getting too hard, and yet will keep it very thick when heated.