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May 9, 2008 06:38 PM

Best Marrakech Booty?

A friend is going to be working in Marrakech the last two weeks of this month, and wonders what I'd like him to bring back for me - hooray! We both like to cook, so I'd love any suggestions for favorite culinary (or other) souvenirs -- preferably stable, reasonably non-perishable, not-looking-for-any-trouble-at-Customs-on-returning items: local ingredients, spices, small household goods or kitchen tools, maybe a local writer's cookbook? Harissa in tubes? Olives, or olive oil? I've also heard that Argan oil is a very good thing...
And (Imshallah) if you have particular preferred brands or sources for any of these, I know he'll enjoy poking around for the perfect 'find'.
Merci bien!

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  1. i think you're on the right track with whats good to bring back.

    definitely have him bring you back some fresh spices. moroccan cumin, paprika, ras el hanout, saffron, rose petals, etc are all good choices. if you pick only a few i'd have him get: cumin, paprika, and ras el hanout.

    also i'd go for argan oil. argan oils are not all created equal. the expensive touristy types are watered down and nothing compared to real hand-pressed, if he can find it. i don't have any particular sources unfortunately. maybe he can ask around.

    also have him look for amlou. which is made from argan oil, almonds, and honey typically. its a spread like peanut butter but way better imo. :)

    moroccan olive oil is also fantastic and intense in flavor.

    if he's willing to lug a tagine back for you...then you're a lucky friend!

    good harissa isn't typically in tubes that i've seen. they sell it in large tubs and you scoop out how much you want into a plastic bag.

    inchallah your friend will bring you back some of the best that morocco has to offer! :) if i can get some names for you i will try. but its best for him to poke around the markets and see what he can find. :)

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      Thanks so much for the details! I've forwarded the gist as my 'wish list', and he's due back this weekend - we'll see what I get...(fingers crossed!)