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May 9, 2008 05:59 PM

Famous Dave's BBQ, any hounds ever been?

The closest one to us L.A. Hounds are Simi Valley & Long Beach. Wanted to try it out but thought I would consult with the chow board first!

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  1. Let's put it this way.

    You know how you hear about fights that actually get physical between proponents of Memphis BBQ vs. St. Louis BBQ vs. Carolina BBQ vs. Texas BBQ vs. Santa Maria BBQ, etc.?

    You ever wonder why you never hear about Minnesota BBQ?

    Because it's awful. Famous Dave's is a barbecue restaurant chain based in Minneapolis, or near enough to it. It's all over the Midwest and I guess they've made a couple of outposts out here.

    The last time I went to one was when I flew into MSP, we were absolutely starving, and the sign came up on 494. We decided it could not possibly be inedible, and they wasted no time in proving us wrong by demonstrating that it would have been tastier to put some sauce on the napkins and eat them instead.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I'll save you some time as well as gas. Stay home and bbq your own ribs, I will bet you it's way better than anything you can get at Famous Dave's.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Awful? I think godawful would be more accurate.

        Most of us have something at McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc., that we're willing to eat if the alternative is starvation. I've yet to find that dish of last resort at Famous Dave's -- in Southern California. However, I once lived in Annapolis and thought that the Dave's location there was marginally better, probably because of higher competition from local barbecue places. When you and most of your customers have never had good Q, how can you cook it? "... 13. Place pre-boiled ribs on fire and cook until grill marks appear on bottom. 14. Turn ribs...." Sorry, but having lived throughout the South and Lower Midwest, I am very skeptical of most barbecue joints in my native California.

        1. re: Mel Gee

          The minute anyone starts off by saying "boil" and ribs in the same sentence i stop listening.that simply is NOT BBQ its grilling boiled meat and hiding it in sauce,doesnt sound so good now does it? why do you want to boil all the flavor out of your meat? go down south and tell them to boil ribs and if you dont get slapped you will be laughed at all the way back to your native California.While i have had not-so-tender ribs at Famous Daves,i guarantee they dont boil ribs (ick),they smoke them like BBQ ought to be done.Daves is nowhere near as good as the roadside BBQ stands i've been to down south (they have bad bbq down there too) but,when you live in northern Illinois,its One of the very few choices we have if you dont want to spend an entire afternoon cooking your own ribs slow and low on a BBQ Daves is such a change of pace it can be a fun time too.

      2. Although my experience at Dave's when I was back in Omaha was certainly not pleasant, it wasn't as bad as Blakes BBQ in Anaheim. Awful, but draws a crowd. Go figure

        1. I grew up in MN, so I actually liked Famous Daves. When I got out to the Bay Area and LA (and I was in NC for a while), I found much better BBQ. That being said, I still think Famous Dave's is better than alot of BBQ places down here. But it is not worth a drive, but if you are nearby and craving BBQ w/ no great BBQ spots near, it will do.

          1. It's not horrible. Not great. If you have a choice, don't go.

            1. I went to the Dave's in Ontario (I was stuck in the IE with no other food options and it's was grand opening so I thought why not?) Dave's is a chain just like Lucille's - so it's gonna be the best BBQ you are gonna get in LA (that's not saying much). But never order the single meat lunch combo - I was so mad! It came with 3 little ribs (- kind of fatty too), corn muffin (boring and bland), and choice of 1 side = $8.99. I felt so ripped off.