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Urasawa - any bad experiences?

I've read and seen the amazing reviews... but, as I'm contemplating taking the leap and shelling out the cash (which is now $300/pp) for the BF's bday, I'm wondering what bad experiences people may have had at Urasawa....


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  1. Bad experiences? With Hiroyuki-san ??
    Shame on you, Oracle, for that wicked wicked thought!

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      I know, I know... I'm committing all sorts of 'hound blasphemy with this question...

    2. Q: I'm wondering what bad experiences people may have had at Urasawa

      A: Paying for it.

      I'm sure that's the end of the list.

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        my friend who went recently said the only part he didn't enjoy is eating the top ramen he ate for a week or two after to compensate for the big bucks he shelled out.

      2. Never have I heard a discouraging word.

          1. Not a bad experience, but I definitely wasn't floored by it.

            Thought the whole meal was too long. Every single dish was well executed and generally very pleasing, but nothing that was completely unforgettable.

            Still, I have no regrets going. I think if you appreciate good food and a fine dining experience, you owe it to yourself to go at least once.

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              quick question. Will Urasawa account for allergies. I love sushi, but am allergic to shellfish. I don't want to lay out the bucks if they won't work around without grumbling...

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                just let them know about your allergies when you call for your reservation. They will absolutely work around them.

            2. Not a bad experience, but I wasn't floored by it either. For the money we spent - about $900 for two of us - I expected to be transported to some higher culinary state. I expected a meal that I would remember in detail for the rest of my life or at least years to come. I had an excellent meal, but nothing like that. Much of what we had was perfect, fantastic ingredients, perfect execution, but there was something about it that seemed sort of staid. There wasn't any real sense of fun to the food, or odd couplings of things, or surprising contrasts. Nothing about dinner surprised me and for all the carryings on and expense, I wanted to be surprised and challenged. Instead, there was something about it that seemed strangely conservative.

              I'm glad I went, once. And if someone wanted to take me out there I'd happily go again - I wouldn't be disappointed because my expectations would be lower. But I wouldn't go there and pay for it myself again.

              If someone was offering to take me out to any restaurant in Los Angeles no matter what the cost, I'd pick Providence above Urasawa.

              1. Urasawa is probably the most beloved LA restaurant on this board. It deserves its "ultimates destination restaurant" status. I can't think of a single bad experience in my 7 visits there.

                Just so you know, your meal may exceed $300 per person, depends on drinks, extra orders of food, etc...

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                  another question - how long in advance must one call for reservations on a weekend night?

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                    I got in on 1 days notice through my credit card concierge.

                    I don't think tables are that hard to come by, but that may vary on the size of your party.