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May 9, 2008 05:37 PM

A couple of nights in Tucson

I am going to be in Tucson for a few days later in the month and was hoping for a little advice on good places ot eat in the evenings. I am staying at the University Marriot but spending my days downtown (somewhere near West Paseo Redondo and West Alameda street). My initial searches tell me that I might have to eat downtown before heading back to the hotel in the evening if I want more than a quick bite?

I'm sure I will stop into the frog'n'firkin at some point (but most likely for beer not food!) but I would like at least one night with some decent food, a nice relaxing atmosphere and a few beers to relax.

I've tried to do a little research so any opinions on Barrio / Casa Vicente / Maya Quetzal ? Or any other places that you recommend. I always like to try and find an Indian restarount but so far haven't come up with one? I would typically steer clear of Italian and Chinese places and like to head for more Spanish / Greek style, Mexican / Southwestern even BBQ if any stand out in your mind.

If someone recommends a decent kebab/gyro place that would be great as I know a few after dinner beers will make me hungry. I appreciate any ideas and suggestions, got three nights (and potentially a couple of lunches) to fill.

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  1. Of the three you mention specifically we've been to Maya Quetzal a couple times and really love it. We live in Phoenix but have stopped in the last two times we were in Tucson. Inexpensive and delicious guatamalen food. Try the pollo en pepian(made with pumpking and sesame seed). The chile relleno is great too(stuffed with spinach and walnuts). They serve Guatamalen beer but they limonada and horchata are quite good. It's a small place with not a lot of table. Have only been at lunch but there's been a wait both times, don't know what the dinner crowd is like.

    1. Cafe Poca Cosa is the place if you're going to be downtown. It is outstanding. If, for some reason, you don't want to have Mexican for dinner, try Little Poca Cosa for lunch. It's at Stone and Alameda, two long blocks from where you will be working (and the closest restaurant to where you'll be during the day.) Both places serve great Mexican food that is unlike anything you will have likely eaten. (No traditional tacos or burros, and awesome flavors.)

      For Greek there is Athens on 4th Avenue, at 4th Ave. and 6th. St., just north of downtown and several blocks from your hotel. I've never been, but lots of people seem to like it. A newer place, OPA, is good and very reasonable. It's at Campbell north of Glenn, a short drive from where you'll be.

      1. All three restaurants yo mention are very good. Barrio is a bit more upscale, Maya Quetzal is well worth the trip, especially if you've never tried Guatemalan food before. Like Ziggy said, it's delicious. Casa Vicente is one of many execellent representations of traditional Tucsonan Mexican food.

        As many folks will tell you, you should set aside an evening for dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa. It's one of Tucsons signature restaurants, and very worth the time.

        For a couple of beers and some snackies, I think you'd be better served by a walk up Fourth Avenue (where Maya Quetzal is located). It's packed with restaurants and has some great bars.

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          I apprecaite the feedback - making notes and will definetly plan on a trip to Cafe Poca and Maya Questzal.