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May 9, 2008 05:36 PM

Ellensburg WA- where to eat (lunch/din)?

Quick question - where to stop and eat in Ellensburg tomorrow - we will be visiting for the first time. I found the Valley Cafe in a previous post. Thanks!

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  1. The best I've found so far is the Yellow Church cafe. The kobe' burger on their in-house baked roll is yummy!

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    1. re: CurtA

      Thanks! It's not actually a church is it?

      1. re: sasha1

        The structure was a church. It's reportedly run by a couple of preachers kids. In any event, the food I have had there has all been good.

    2. Yes, the Yellow Church is one of the finer establishments in E-burg. Was there a couple of weeks ago and had a very good meal. They don't mind special orders too much; a veggie friend didn't want the plain stir-fried vegetables nor just the fancy pasta with cheese, and was able to get a dish which combined the two. Whoever owns it, runs a secular ship, so don't be put off by the fact that it used to be a house of worship.
      The Valley is also very good and has a nice original (30's or 40's) decor, too.

      We also have an excellent taco truck on main st., Tacos Chalitos, for authentic
      Mexican fare. It is prized by the SoCal and Arizona transplants.

      While I'm tooting our small horn, there is Vinneman's Bakery, which has excellent
      breads and pastries, and Winegar's a local ice cream purveryor, with three shops in town. There's also a local brewery, Iron Horse, with very good beer -- n.b. it is solely a brewery, not a pub.

      1. Starlight Lounge is the best restaurant in town. It's on Pearl and about 4th ave.

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          I've had both one very good meal and one VERY crappy meal at the Starlight, where as dining at The Valley and the Yellow Church have always been good experiences. I've also heard from others about the hit-and-miss quality of The Starlight.

          The Starlight is the only place I have EVER been that we, as customers, HAD to clear the tables ourselves in order to get a table, because the help certainly wasn't about to do it on that day. The food was mediocre, with skimpy servings, i.e. gravy that was drizzled, rather than poured, over biscuits. A companion's meal had erzatz replacement items. The wait for the food was ridiculously long, particularly given that it wasn't that crowded. Service sucked. I had brought out-of-town guests, and so I was completely embarrassed for my choice of restaurant. Haven't gone back since.

        2. Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. Many of them came in after our trip over the weekend, but will be filed away and passed on to my in-laws who are moving there in a month from SC.

          As for the Yellow Church Cafe - this is a class act. We were really pleased to find a place this good in a town that is quite small. The decor is tasteful and fun, the ingredients fresh and the dishes well put together. My husband had the thai chicken curry, which, while slightly inauthentic, had a great spicy sauce and well cooked, al dente veggies. My baby ate 1/2 my chicken piccata pasta, and I didn't hear complaints from anyone else at the table. The "heavenly loaf" is not really all that imo. If it didn't have garlic and melted cheese on top, it would be just another flaccid oversized dinner roll. But the ambience, the wait staff, and the overall quality of the food guarantees we'll be back.

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            I'm excited to hear the Yellow Church is doing so well. It opened while I was living in E-burg many years ago, and it was mostly a bakery at the time. These days we always stop at the Valley when we're passing through town, plus Winegar's for espresso milkshakes (the BEST). We'll have to try the Church next time we come through.