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May 9, 2008 05:16 PM

Lot 1 - Are you open?

Hey all -

Word on the blogs is that Josef Centeno's Lot 1 in Echo Park opened earlier in the week, but they are not answering their phone and nobody has reported on it. Anyone been or know the scoop? Bueller?


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  1. There was a blurb about it in the LA Times:

    Echo Park is awash in new restaurant openings. The latest in this wave of higher-end cuisine is Lot 1 Cafe, which is owned by mother-son team Eileen and Miles Leslie and has scored former Opus and Meson G chef Josef Centeno for kitchen duty. The place, which is located in a renovated corner storefront on Laveta Terrace and Sunset Blvd., is tiny, with about nine tables inside and three tables on the sidewalk. The decor is minimalist; a coal black exterior gives way to a light tan interior that houses plain black chairs and tables without tablecloths, candles or salt and pepper shakers. The lighting is bright and an iPod plays bouncy jazz very softly.

    The food is thoughtfully presented and is salted with interesting options like a wild arugula salad with pickled red onion and a fried jidori egg on top that, when punctured, acts as a thick dressing to the tangy greens. There is also a yummy confit beet gazpacho with a dab of crème fraiche and chewy chicharonnes. Main dishes include a mild English pea ravioli, red wine braised pot roast with cream of wheat and kumquats and a juicy 10 oz rib-eye steak with a side of crispy potato wedges.

    A beer and wine license is pending and in the meantime there is no BYOB option.

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      No liquor license is pending with ABC, but a conditional use permit might be pending with the city of los angeles.
      However, even after that is granted (major assumption), then there is the application to ABC, which generally takes about 75 days, sometimes 90 to obtain, so do not plan on buying any beer or wine here in the immediate future - translation, more days of free corkage!!!

      1. re: carter

        Unless, of course one of their neighbors complains about the BYOB, since it's illegal *unless* they have a liquor or beer & wine permit.