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1 week in Manhattan...dining recs...foodies please come in!! :)

Sooo, Ive been reading some more and talking to another fellow foodie friend in Manhattan...

So far we have this planned

Saturday Lunch-nothing, will be on bus over from DC so probably grab a quick light bite around our hotel on 56th Street and 7th Avenue (any recs here would be great too)

Saturday Dinner-Peking Duck House in midtown (feedback on this is welcomed but Ive been to the Chinatown one a few years back and loved it...)

Sunday Lunch-Dim Sum at Golden Bridge

Sunday Dinner-we have a 7pm Spring Awakening show...anything yummy around there we can eat at AFTER the show? (hopefully we'll be stuffed enough from dim sum to carry us over thru the show)

Monday Lunch-

Monday Dinner

Tuesday Lunch-

Tuesday Dinner-

Wednesday Lunch-

Wednesday Dinner-

Thursday Lunch-

Thursday Dinner-ANNIVERSARY NIGHT--any special places recs would be MUCH appreciated!!

Friday Lunch-

Friday Dinner-Sushi of Gari

So yah, I left Breakfast out but I plan to eat one day at Saks for breakfast, I'm sure it isnt the best but I liked the view and atmosphere the last time I was there....any breakfast places we should hit up?? Even breakfast buffets or NYC diners that are especially yummy or landmarks we should add to the list?

And for japanese...I'm a huge fan...and was considering a visit to Yasuda too or Masa...how are those two? I wouldnt even mind a kaiseki meal...which would you guys pick?

And I was thinking of L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon for dinner one night...and Gramercy Tavern...thoughts on these two or anything else?

I'd also love to get in a meal of yummy filipino food, authentic homecooked italian and hawaiian food...

And oh yah, ofcourse a grand yummy fancy Chinese (more like cantonese meal) with birds nest if thats available or winter melon soup in a full winter melon type of place...


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  1. Be sure to hit up the Shack Shack for a burger and custard.
    For breakfast/brunch try Sarabeths or Normas. If you like sturgeon and bagels hit Barney Greengrass.
    Diner-style place - Velselka or Florent
    Italian - CRISPO or Lupa
    Ramen and Pork Buns - Momofuku
    If you haven't been, I'd go to Nobu

    1. For after-theater, Marseille or Orso.

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        I should also add, lunch at Perry St.

        Shake Shack in Madison Square Park: pick a nice day, go early
        Perry St: prixe-fix lunch option
        Jean-Georges: prixe-fix lunch option
        Little Owl: impossible to get dinner reservations; opt for lunch
        Asiate: prixe-fix lunch option

        1. Hi...you might want to break down some of your requests into individual posts, and also search the previous threads for general thoughts on places like Gramercy, etc...but here are a few thoughts:

          -- i used to like Golden Bridge, but my last meal there (about a year ago) was really bad...some cold dumplings, shortages of the best items, rude argumentative service when we requested chili oil, and to top it off, the waitress scolded us for a tip as we were leaving (still hungry and unsatisfied -- i always leave a few bucks tip at dimsum, but it was so bad and rude that i hadn't that time)...too bad, as it used to be my go-to place...but who knows, it may have changed back to good!...i usually go to 88 Palace, which is grungey and fun and has less tourists...

          -- my fav upscale Italian is Il Giglio...old school...classic caesar salad...shrimp fra diavolo...elegant setting...great wines...always a lovely night out.

          -- for more casual Italian, i like Malatesta and Cacio e Vino

          -- i haven't liked any "fancy" Chinese places in NY, but winter melon has been available at the Grand Sichuan's, but not sure if it varies seasonaly as the name might suggest...

          -- my fav late-night spot is Balthazar, which is out of the way for you after-theatre, but could be fun anyway if you don't mind a cab downtown...

          -- to expand your Japanese tastes, you might want to try Aburiya Kinnosuke...in midtown...this could even be your post-theatre dinner, although i'm not sure of the hours...

          -- quite close to your hotel is the Russian Vodka Bar, fun for infused vodka (ginger, coriander, etc) and smoked salmon and potatoe pancakes...

          -- sushi-wise, you might want to hit Yasuda, 15 East, and Ushi Wakamaru first and save Masa for a later trip...personally, i don't like Sushi of Gari, but it has some fans here (and a few detractors)...i've been to Masa's original old Beverly Hills incarnation once a long time ago, and while i certainly enjoyed it, i don't think i appreciated it anywhere near as much as i would now, after having had 400+ sushi dinners to compare&contrast it to...

          1. "quick light bite around our hotel on 56th Street and 7th Avenue"

            Possibly Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center on 59th Street.

            "Sunday Lunch-Dim Sum at Golden Bridge"

            What about considering Chinatown Brasserie, Dim Sum Go Go, or somewhere in Flushing instead?

            "Sunday Dinner-we have a 7pm Spring Awakening show...anything yummy around there we can eat at AFTER the show?"

            Maybe the Bar Room at the Modern or Maze at Gordon Ramsay?

            I love Gramercy Tavern and think it's a great choice. Sushi of Gari is a different style of sushi than traditional -- I like it, but it's not for everybody. If I were you, I might also include some pizza, bagels and salmon, a NY Jewish deli (Katz's), maybe a steakhouse (Keens?), burgers, Italian (maybe a Batali spot?), for a bigger variety of meals.

            Best breakfasts/brunches in Manhattan:

            Here's a recent thread about quick take out / snack places:

            Make sure you check out RGR's LES Noshing Tour too:

            1. Eleven Madison Park - gourmand lunch
              Bistro Moderne- lunch
              Sushi Yasuda- lunch
              Jean-George lunch

              Nobu -mid range omakase
              Lupa or Babbo
              make a trip to Peter Lugars

              If you want a special evening maybe try a chef's table at Gordon Ramsey or Gray's

              Breakfast- Florent, croissants at Patisserie Claude, a bagel at Murray's

              Try and grab a burger at Shake Shake or Corner Bistro, a slice of Pizza at Artichoke or Joe's on Bleeker st.
              A cupcake (lemon or spice) from Sugar Sweet Sunshine or P*Ong (chocolate)
              Gelatto from ILabritorio del gelato or el arte del gelato
              Chocolates from Roni Sue's or Kees

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                  Thought I read somewhere that it is closing in June.

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    You are right. I had read that the lease was expiring in March so I assumed it had closed, but apparently the lease was extended to the end of June while they tried to negotiate a rent increase.

                2. re: misnatalie

                  Bistro Modern = db bistro moderne?
                  Gray's = Cafe Gray?

                  Joe's has moved down the street on Carmine now, it's no longer on Bleecker.

                  1. re: misnatalie

                    A lot of great suggestions - the only one w/ which I seriously disagree is Roni Sue's - I thought I was eating a spiked Whitman's Sampler and actually considered throwing out some of the chocolate I bought (though my sweet tooth one that battle)! I adore Kee's ....

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      I love both, they are very different though. Roni Sue's has more of a sugar-sweet taste but I think their size is perfect and I love the fig and chili chocolates. Kee's is very elegant, and rich, I was just there yesterday and fell in love with the white chocolate almond.

                      1. re: misnatalie

                        I love that white chocolate almond truffle - and all the nut truffles. Also, re: Roni Sue - I much prefer dark chocolate, so that may have been part of the reason I didn't like them - if I recall correctly, they were mostly milk chocolates.

                    2. re: misnatalie

                      I would strongly go against Nobu. I was forced to dine there recently (as I have had very unimpressive dinners there in the past). Just as I expected, everything was mediocre and overpriced. One of the signature dishes, the hamachi sashimi with jalapeno, was served with average quality hamachi in a bland sauce. Rock shrimp tempura was coated in a wet mushy tempura batter and very greasy, lacking all the original flavor and texture that it used to have (many years ago). Sushi was as average as your neighborhood sushi places, I have had better in almost all Japanese restaurants in East Village (even the hole in the wall). The only good dish was miso-glazed black cod, and yet, don't you have this dish in every single Japanese restaurant nowadays?

                      Even the fruit plate that they served at the end sucked. There were rotten grapes among the fruit, and the mochi was exactly the same as the ones you could buy in Japanese grocery stores. Luckily I wasn't the one paying, or else I will be cursing till now!

                      Anyway, I agree with the tasting menu at Gordon Ramsay, or try the gourmand tasting at EMP at dinner rather than lunch as I found it to be much more special. If you choose not to go with the tasting menu, you can still do the a la carte at EMP or dinner/lunch at Maze by Gordon Ramsay which is more causal and cheaper than the main dining room.

                      L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon happens to be my favorite restaurant in NYC, and if you like foie gras, this is the place to go. Half of their menu is composed of dishes with foie gras, and if you choose a la carte small plates (which I thought was much better than the tasting), you can try out many dishes. The portion size is very small. Their desserts are the best in town IMO.

                      As for sushi, I agree that Yasuda is the best choice other than Masa. Of course Masa is great but you may want to use the $500 over several fine meals rather than one meal at Masa.

                      As for dim sum, I agree on Dim Sum Go Go, and if you want the cart service as well, try Chatham Square located on Chatham Square 6 (note: not to be confused with Chatham Square 9 which is a hole in the wall)

                      If you do want fancy Chinese, Fuleen serves bird nest, abalone and shark fins, and you can pretty much find all the banquet standard items there (like braised sea cucumber and fresh seafood from the water tank)

                    3. I don't know if this would help, but here's where we're booked for next weekend:

                      -Jean-Georges (a must on every visit!)
                      -Le Bernardin
                      -Degustation (trying a new one - this recommended by chowhounders!)

                      For lunch, we'll probably go to Esca, Vong (an old-time favorite even though it really hasn't been at its prime in a long time), Perry St, Maze (not as good as the Gordon Ramsay on Old Hospital Road in London but not bad). Can you tell that I'm a huge JG fan?!

                      Went to Per Se on opening night years ago - thought that it was okay. This is probably going to sound like sacrilege to many but after the 4th or 5th course, I was like 'ugh.' I miss JG's V-Steakhouse there - what a gorgeous restaurant and yummy steaks.

                      Went to L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris - another sacriligious statement but it was again only okay. I found that they were a bit heavy-handed with the salt. But this was the Paris one and I only dined there once.

                      Other restaurants that I like but won't have time to go to: Nobu, Morimoto, Nyonya (super cheap Malaysian).

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                        I don't think it's fair to say that you were at Per Se on opening night, and rate it by that. If I went to a restaurant during the first month, I would wait until the kinks are ironed out. We had a meal there that I thought was phenomenal. Our meal at JG, on the other hand, was nothing to write home about. I agree with you on Vong though. The interesting thing here is that everyone has their favorites, and not everyone agrees on what those favorites are. On any given night there can be problems with servers, salting, correct doneness of food, whatever. Sometimes it's even what you expect vs what you get.
                        I loved out meal at Gordon Ramsay's, had both lunch and dinner there during the past few months.

                      2. wow thanks everyone for your feedback!!!!

                        i'm keeping jean-georges for their prix-fixe lunch option as recommended by some chowhounders and another foodie friend of mine :)

                        i think im going to go with le bernardin for the anniversary dinner...its pretty close by to us too not that thats a factor so much as bonus and the tasting menu there looked amazing...does anyone know if its uptodate?

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                          Good idea for JG at lunch. I am going to suggest that to my foodie girlfriends for our next special lunch out, because everyone has been raving about it.

                        2. You have to do these: I strongly recommend them:

                          Breakfast: BLT Market, Norma's
                          Pizza: DiFara's
                          Steak: Peter Luger