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May 9, 2008 05:06 PM

1 week in Manhattan...dining recs...foodies please come in!! :)

Sooo, Ive been reading some more and talking to another fellow foodie friend in Manhattan...

So far we have this planned

Saturday Lunch-nothing, will be on bus over from DC so probably grab a quick light bite around our hotel on 56th Street and 7th Avenue (any recs here would be great too)

Saturday Dinner-Peking Duck House in midtown (feedback on this is welcomed but Ive been to the Chinatown one a few years back and loved it...)

Sunday Lunch-Dim Sum at Golden Bridge

Sunday Dinner-we have a 7pm Spring Awakening show...anything yummy around there we can eat at AFTER the show? (hopefully we'll be stuffed enough from dim sum to carry us over thru the show)

Monday Lunch-

Monday Dinner

Tuesday Lunch-

Tuesday Dinner-

Wednesday Lunch-

Wednesday Dinner-

Thursday Lunch-

Thursday Dinner-ANNIVERSARY NIGHT--any special places recs would be MUCH appreciated!!

Friday Lunch-

Friday Dinner-Sushi of Gari

So yah, I left Breakfast out but I plan to eat one day at Saks for breakfast, I'm sure it isnt the best but I liked the view and atmosphere the last time I was there....any breakfast places we should hit up?? Even breakfast buffets or NYC diners that are especially yummy or landmarks we should add to the list?

And for japanese...I'm a huge fan...and was considering a visit to Yasuda too or are those two? I wouldnt even mind a kaiseki meal...which would you guys pick?

And I was thinking of L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon for dinner one night...and Gramercy Tavern...thoughts on these two or anything else?

I'd also love to get in a meal of yummy filipino food, authentic homecooked italian and hawaiian food...

And oh yah, ofcourse a grand yummy fancy Chinese (more like cantonese meal) with birds nest if thats available or winter melon soup in a full winter melon type of place...


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    1. Be sure to hit up the Shack Shack for a burger and custard.
      For breakfast/brunch try Sarabeths or Normas. If you like sturgeon and bagels hit Barney Greengrass.
      Diner-style place - Velselka or Florent
      Italian - CRISPO or Lupa
      Ramen and Pork Buns - Momofuku
      If you haven't been, I'd go to Nobu

      1. For after-theater, Marseille or Orso.

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        1. re: rrems

          I should also add, lunch at Perry St.

        2. LUNCH OPTIONS
          Shake Shack in Madison Square Park: pick a nice day, go early
          Perry St: prixe-fix lunch option
          Jean-Georges: prixe-fix lunch option
          Little Owl: impossible to get dinner reservations; opt for lunch
          Asiate: prixe-fix lunch option

          1. might want to break down some of your requests into individual posts, and also search the previous threads for general thoughts on places like Gramercy, etc...but here are a few thoughts:

            -- i used to like Golden Bridge, but my last meal there (about a year ago) was really bad...some cold dumplings, shortages of the best items, rude argumentative service when we requested chili oil, and to top it off, the waitress scolded us for a tip as we were leaving (still hungry and unsatisfied -- i always leave a few bucks tip at dimsum, but it was so bad and rude that i hadn't that time)...too bad, as it used to be my go-to place...but who knows, it may have changed back to good!...i usually go to 88 Palace, which is grungey and fun and has less tourists...

            -- my fav upscale Italian is Il Giglio...old school...classic caesar salad...shrimp fra diavolo...elegant setting...great wines...always a lovely night out.

            -- for more casual Italian, i like Malatesta and Cacio e Vino

            -- i haven't liked any "fancy" Chinese places in NY, but winter melon has been available at the Grand Sichuan's, but not sure if it varies seasonaly as the name might suggest...

            -- my fav late-night spot is Balthazar, which is out of the way for you after-theatre, but could be fun anyway if you don't mind a cab downtown...

            -- to expand your Japanese tastes, you might want to try Aburiya midtown...this could even be your post-theatre dinner, although i'm not sure of the hours...

            -- quite close to your hotel is the Russian Vodka Bar, fun for infused vodka (ginger, coriander, etc) and smoked salmon and potatoe pancakes...

            -- sushi-wise, you might want to hit Yasuda, 15 East, and Ushi Wakamaru first and save Masa for a later trip...personally, i don't like Sushi of Gari, but it has some fans here (and a few detractors)...i've been to Masa's original old Beverly Hills incarnation once a long time ago, and while i certainly enjoyed it, i don't think i appreciated it anywhere near as much as i would now, after having had 400+ sushi dinners to compare&contrast it to...