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Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market ?

dublinchef May 9, 2008 04:05 PM

any feedback? worth a visit? family friendly? good food?

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  1. w
    WHills RE: dublinchef May 9, 2008 07:46 PM

    This place is pretty good. I think their highlights are fish and chips. Steamed shrimp and clams are not bad, but don't bother shelling out the money for live seafood. They have a picnic table area, so feel free to bring your own beverages. This is a very family friendly place overlooking the ocean. The food is decent, not fantastic, but it's not too expensive either for the view you get.

    1. s
      sel RE: dublinchef May 9, 2008 09:28 PM

      GF and I usually share a 3-piece order of their great Fish and Chips, a Mini Loaf (of warm La Brea Bakery Bread) and you can bring your own beverage. A Belgian or Belgian style American ale is my beverage of choice when we go.

      1. Phurstluv RE: dublinchef May 9, 2008 09:43 PM

        Good fresh fish & seafood. Family friendly because you eat outside, but parking can be hard, & parking on PCH w/ little ones is treacherous. Market is good to call ahead and pick up, but they get snotty if you ask them what is fresh that day. Reel Inn by Topanga is just as good, (also very family friendly) and without the 'tude.

        1. m
          malibumike RE: dublinchef May 10, 2008 07:13 AM

          Fish and chips are very good and I have seen people bring their own bottle of wine, also great view.

          1. j
            jamey RE: dublinchef May 10, 2008 02:48 PM

            there twice last week...yes the fish and chips are quite good, the setting is sublime[in the least pretentious way]. if find the fish fresher and less expensive than the reel inn[a different vibe] and the market often fresher than santa monica fish market. if nothing else,
            the owner's smile and bejewelled gucci glasses are worth the trip.

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            1. re: jamey
              smr714 RE: jamey May 10, 2008 09:12 PM

              When I am in the LA area I have had better luck at Neptune's net (http://www.neptunesnet.com/). The chowder is great

            2. l
              LMelba RE: dublinchef May 10, 2008 09:26 PM

              Had lunch there earlier today. I'd say yes, worth a visit and family friendly. Fish and chips were good, but hello, it's deep fried fish and potatoes--how could that not be tasty? Sadly, the shimp cocktail was just so-so. They doused the shrimp in cocktail sauce - almost to hide the no-flavor shrimp. I'd still go back for the relaxed beach view... and the fish and chips.

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