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May 9, 2008 04:01 PM

Food Festivals

I just saw a posting about a Romanian Food Festival that was held by a local church. I love food, festivals, ethnic food, and little churches. Does anyone out there know of any upcoming local food festivals that might not get much in the way of promotion or advertising? I've just read about Taiwan Fest, and think I'll pop over and see what it's all about...but this is another one that, were it not for Chowhound, would have gone right under the radar. How about it...anybody have the skinny on some interesting festivals...any kind, anywhere, as long as there is plenty of home made, home style food!

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  1. Hi N,

    How did you find out about the Romania festival???

    I love go to them too.


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    1. re: Dayote

      I read about the Romanian festival on Chowhound! After the fact, of course. I understand there is a big Armenian Festival in the Valley, and a Polish one and I'd love to find either. Or anything else ethnic and delicious.

    2. Oxnard has both the strawberry and salsa festivals and there will be a Chinese Food Festival in Chinatown in LA coming up as well, (Chinese festival was last held in 2006).

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        I personally found the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard to be one of the most disappointing experiences in recent memory... We went about three years ago and found it to be far too commercialized, far too expensive for subpar food (especially the strawbs), far too dusty, far too crowded, far too many drunks stumbling over our kids, and far too many desperate people trampling over our kids while jumping the queue and running to catch the buses that were shuttling festivalgoers back to the parking lots... and the police just stood there and let the crowds become more desperate, more angry, and more dangerous... other than that, it was great...

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          Then forget those red devils and per the LA Times hie thee to Lincoln Heights tomorrow from 12 PM to 10 PM for "L.A.'s first (and hopefully annual) Avocado Community Street Fair, a small festival dedicated to all things avocado"

          Corner of Baldwin St. and Griffin Ave. in the 90031

      2. the valley greek festival in northridge is always memorial day weekend. free entry & great food. the loucanico (sausage) and saganaki are my faves.

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        1. re: luvgrub

          Thanks, luvgrub. Nice and timely too!!!!

          1. re: luvgrub

            Thanks luvgrub. I'd heard of the Greek Festival but didn't know where/when. I'm looking after my niece and nephew and we don't want to go to the beach because of crowds, but we were looking for some fun off the beaten path stuff. This and a trip to Little Tokyo are on the list!

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              Schweet! :-) I love Greek food. Thanks for the link luvgrub!

              1. re: luvgrub

                This year is their 35th year, and just happen to be on memorial weekend too. Have any hounder been to this festival before? any comment on whether it's worth the drive to Northridge? :-p

                cause like, in comparison for the Strawberry Festival, most will say it's not worth the drive all the way to Oxnard...

                1. re: kelvlam

                  I think its totally worth it, this will be the 5th year in a row I will go. Its about a half hour drive from my house

              2. Here's a whole list of em'!! (Scroll down the page)


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                  There is also a sushi and sake festival on Saturday June 14th at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. There is also sumo wrestling, sake/beer tasting, sushi making demos, music and tea ceremony demos.

                  Here's the link: