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May 9, 2008 03:51 PM

Ixtapa Woburn -- Bordering on Inedible

Two friends and I went to Ixtapa on Wednesday night. Besides the really sub-par mariachi band, the food was just horrid, though I must say the 9.00 margaritas were really good. Chips were OK, but salsa is soupy with an off-taste. Guac was mashed too smooth and WAY too many onions. For mains: I had a trio of enchiladas. The cheese was melted at one point, then just congealed when it got to me. The mole was really, really bad. I'm willing to forgive the peanut butter in it, but I gotta say it tasted truly bizarre, had a burnt taste and in no way resembled any mole I've ever eaten. The shredded beef enchilada was barely passable. Rice -- tasteless. Beans -- totally tasteless and greasy. One of my friends had the vegetarian spinach enchilada plate and barely touched it. Other friend -- arroz con pollo. She didn't hate it, but flavors were lack luster and chicken was dry.

At any rate, we all agreed that we would never eat there again. I've been in there Lexington location and it was better than this. I would like to think that this was an off night.

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  1. That is pretty much the exact opposite of the experiences I've had at both Ixtapas. I found the food to be sufficiently more lackluster at the Lexington location when I visited last fall. The one thing I clearly remember was that the tortilla soup was bland. The mole was ok, but most of my part complained that the food was just bland and incredibly overpriced. I decided to try the Woburn location about a month ago and found the food to be much better. None of it was overly exciting but it wasn't this bad either. I actually really enjoyed the rice!

    I do agree that the margaritas were great albeit pricey.

    This leads to a much bigger problem in the Boston area. Where is there a good Mexican restaurant? Especially in Boston proper, Cactus Club is terrible, Zuma is not much better. I haven't gotten a chance to hit La Verdad yet so I'm hopeful.

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      Cafe Angela in Eastie seems to be a board favourite!

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        Yes! I keep seeing reference to it in various posts. It's on my list of places to visit this summer.