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Anyone use Costco vs BJ's for Deli Platter or Birthday Cake?

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Looking to have party for around 40-60 people. I saw BJ's Deli Platter is 40.00 that feeds 20-25 people for assorted deli meats and cheese. Birthday Cake is Full Sheet for 30 dollars.

Can anyone comment on quality of either?

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    1. The Costco wraps are very good, and I like their cakes.

      1. If you were going to get a sheet cake from any grocery store, then I'd go with costco's. Theirs are double layer with filling so it's a bit more special than the normal flat sheet cake that other stores do. I think they serve 48 though so hopefully that will work out!

        1. We got a cake from Costco not too long ago, and it was a big hit. People who were on diets had some, and people who don't normally eat a large piece of cake went back for seconds. It was delicious, and I really can't recommend Costco cakes enough.

          1. When I worked @ BJ's as a bakery manager, their full sheet was only offered with their traditional buttercream icing, I like buttercream, but this stuff was awful. Their smaller 1/2 sheet was only offered with whipped topping (in my opinion belongs on a pie, not a cake) but had raspberry or chocolate mousse offered as a filling, but often cakes were returned because their was hardly any filling in some cakes (filled and frosted by machine in a factory somewhere, not in store).

            I was very unimpressed by the quality of cakes at BJ's, taste was OK, but quality was very inconsistant, but we sold a ton of them because they were cheap, and included pictures or toy decorations at no extra charge.

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              i got a costco the other day and everyone LOVED it at the birthday party! and i was last minute so took one out of the case and they added the name- such a deal for $15.99

            2. Costco platters are wonderful. I've done the deli and the veggies for a couple of different parties and they're always a big hit. I like the sheet cake, too. In general, we get a pie or a non-sheet cake, though. You certainly can't beat the prices.

              1. Costco has a GREAT sheet-style carrot cake. Their other sheet-style cakes are painfully medicore. The deli platters consisting of wraps... forget 'em. Awful, too much wrap, too little filling. The sushi platter at costco.. also terrible. Better bet: buy some of their great pre-sliced smoked salmon and put THAT out next to some of their great artisnal breads. Let your guests make their own sandwiches. ALSO, depending on which Costco you live near, get some of their mesquite wings (baked and ready-to-eat) and spare ribs. They're very good and reasonably priced.

                1. Costco's cakes are fabulous, period. I've gotten them for several functions and not only are they very well decorated, they taste wonderful. Highly, highly recommended. I've had much better results with Costco than BJ's in several areas, and the bakery is definitely one of them.