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May 9, 2008 03:33 PM

Anyone use Costco vs BJ's for Deli Platter or Birthday Cake?

Looking to have party for around 40-60 people. I saw BJ's Deli Platter is 40.00 that feeds 20-25 people for assorted deli meats and cheese. Birthday Cake is Full Sheet for 30 dollars.

Can anyone comment on quality of either?

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    1. The Costco wraps are very good, and I like their cakes.

      1. If you were going to get a sheet cake from any grocery store, then I'd go with costco's. Theirs are double layer with filling so it's a bit more special than the normal flat sheet cake that other stores do. I think they serve 48 though so hopefully that will work out!

        1. We got a cake from Costco not too long ago, and it was a big hit. People who were on diets had some, and people who don't normally eat a large piece of cake went back for seconds. It was delicious, and I really can't recommend Costco cakes enough.

          1. When I worked @ BJ's as a bakery manager, their full sheet was only offered with their traditional buttercream icing, I like buttercream, but this stuff was awful. Their smaller 1/2 sheet was only offered with whipped topping (in my opinion belongs on a pie, not a cake) but had raspberry or chocolate mousse offered as a filling, but often cakes were returned because their was hardly any filling in some cakes (filled and frosted by machine in a factory somewhere, not in store).

            I was very unimpressed by the quality of cakes at BJ's, taste was OK, but quality was very inconsistant, but we sold a ton of them because they were cheap, and included pictures or toy decorations at no extra charge.

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              i got a costco the other day and everyone LOVED it at the birthday party! and i was last minute so took one out of the case and they added the name- such a deal for $15.99