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May 9, 2008 03:21 PM

Cinghiale or Ixia: Mothers Day


I am taking my mother out to dinner for mother's day (not on mothers day), and I am stuck between Ixia and Cinghiale, which should I choose?

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you aren't taking your Mom out for dinner ON Mother's Day. Many restaurants fail miserably on holidays. Over crowded, noisy, bad service at times and "special" (pricier) menus. Anyhow, I haven't as yet been to Cinghiale but have read the mixed reviews, i.e., expensive/small portions, etc. But, I've dined several times at Ixia. It's a really funky, decor-wise, venue. The menu is limited, but very creative. If your Mom enjoys unusual combinations of food, then this is the place to take her. The appetizer of ahi tuna was excellent. The bread is served with three different spreads/dips which are wonderful. I had a dish with duck that was outstanding. Anyhow, HAPPY DINING FOR MOTHER'S DAY.

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      I was disappointed in Ixia during my last two trips due to (1) service and (2)what I thought was a really fatty cut of pork. I would go with Cinghiale. Of course, I've never been there other than to walk by it on my way to James Joyce for their killer happy hour and 1/2 priced calamari, but it does look very nice.

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        ok, I'll go to Cinghiale, it seems my dad doesn't like either, but likes Cinghiale better

        1. re: mreid01

          you will probably be disappointed in Cinghiale. So many better places to choose from. It is an overrated Cindy Wolf . tony foreman restaurant

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            Not knowing mreid01 at all, I can't see any reason why Cinghiale would be a disappointing choice. I had a wonderful time there and would love to be taken there by my children for Mothers Day (or any day.) Can you be more specific about what places would be a better choice and who has overrated Cinghiale? Admittedly the service was a bit tentative when I was there, but it was very early on, and the food and ambience were quite special. Generally I have found the restaurants in this group are some of the very best in the region for "fine dining" - Charleston on down to Petit Louis. And Petit Louis would be another nice choice for Mom.