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May 9, 2008 03:10 PM

Hostess Snack cakes

I have seen some Hostess mini 100 calorie packs are now OU. Does anybody know if their TWINKIES will be under OU supervision?

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  1. twinkies contain beef fat so im gonna guess no.

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    1. re: jes

      They can't possibly any more - they've been under the triangle-K for the last year or so. I can't imagine they'd get any sort of hechsher if they still contained beef fat.

      1. re: GilaB

        no my kids want the twinkies and I read the ingredients still lists beef fat as an ingredient - some of their muffin products are triangle k I believe but not the cream filled stuff

        1. re: GilaB

          They did bear the triangle K mark for a while. Then the Bar Trans Fats movement gained traction. In an effort to cut the trans fats, animal fats came back into play. Goodbye Kosher Twinkies.

          On the positive side, they are really unhealthy so not being kosher now gives me a reason to leave the box at the market to the disappointment of my family.

          1. re: Marcharlan

            Thanks for the explanation! I was so sure that I'd noticed a triangle-K on them a while back, because I remember being disappointed that even though they were now certified, I couldn't try this iconic American snack food because I do not personally use most triangle-K products.

      2. It seems that Hostess and Drake's now have some connection; the Drake's products say something like "Drake's by Hostess" on them, but I've still only seen the OU on the Drake's packages, not the Hostess packages.

        There is a Twinkie-type product with a good hechsher (maybe a kof-K?? Can't recall.)--a company named Mrs. Freshleys, I think. I bought a package out of curiosity. If this is what we're missing in Twinkies, it's really not much.

        1. Check your packages carefully! My friend is addicted to those and I noticed that the newer boxes of the 100-calorie Cinnamon Coffee Cakes DO NOT have an OU-D anymore. The boxes with the OU-D and without were side by side in Target, so check each and every box!!!

          1. Just today I saw that the mini BANANA muffins 100 calorie packs did have (I think) an OU-D on them. I know they had a symbol, I am just not 100% it was an OU-D, but I am like 99.9% sure!
            As for Twinkies, I will eat a non kosher snack cake, but I will NOT eat a Twinkie at all ever again. REALLY YICKY! I had ONE YEARS ago, trust me no one is missing anything!

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            1. re: Prettypoodle

              The banana and blueberry flavors I saw all had the OU-D, it was just the cinnamon coffee cake flavor where some did and some didn't.

            2. Hostess now owns Drake's... which would explain the "Drakes by Hostess"

              And you definitely want to be on the lookout with those 100 calorie packs. Certain products that have certification for their regular products (e.g. chips ahoy) don't have certification for their 100 calorie packs.