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May 9, 2008 03:09 PM

Mothers Day at Lupa

Hi all,

We're taking my parents and my brother to Lupa for lunch this Sunday. We're going to be 5 adults total and I was wondering what you would recommend that we order. Are the pastas there better than the secondis? Should we do something like 3 pastas and 2 secondis for everyone to share? Which dishes really stood out to you?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Everything is delicious. Many of the portions are very large and can be shared. I love the house-made testa (head cheese), an appetizer large enough for at least 2 people. Octopus is exceptional. as are tripe and sweetbreads. Pastas are shareable too. Love the carbonara, amatriciana, and gnocchi. Saltimbocca is great for a main course, also pork shoulder. Braciola is a special on Sundays, and is worthwhile. Tartufo for dessert, again large enough to share. 3 pastas and 2 secondi will probably not be enough, and you will want to try a lot of different things. For 5 people, I would do 2 appetizers, 2 or 3 pastas, and 3 secondi. Then see if you have room for dessert. If you don't finish you can always take the rest home. The food keeps well. Enjoy!