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Where to hold a business dinner for 35 people in San Diego

I live in the Midwest and will be hosting a business dinner in San Diego on Wednesday June 3rd for 35 people. We're staying at the Paradise Point Resort (1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, California 92109) and would like a destination 20 minutes away, or less, by chartered bus. I often dine at restaurants who've won, or have been nominated for the James Beard Chef Award. Two restaurants I've been considering are Market in Del Mar and Tapenade in La Jolla. I'm looking for a unique and memorable dining experience for our guests. Any thoughts on these two restaurants, as well as new suggestions? This is my first posting on Chowhound. Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I would say Mister A's for the view you can't get in the midwest.

    1. I don't think Market will do it, unless perhaps you buy out the restaurant. They won't even take a party of 8 - but since it's a Wed. might be worth giving a call.

      Mr. A's does have an amazing view, but I'm not sure about their ability to handle 35 for a dinner. You should also contact George's - good locally focused food, and the dining room has a great ocean view over LJ Cove. Tapenade has very good food but not much atmosphere to speak of. Other possibilities, 910, Addison, Mistral and 1500 Ocean.

      1. You may want to check out Cavaillon--you can rent out the whole restaurant and it'd fit 35 comfortably. Another place is Addison in Carmel Valley/Del Mar. They have private rooms that are outfitted for business meetings (A/V, etc) and have great food.

        Other good possibilities--Nine-Ten and George's Modern in La Jolla. Both have private dining rooms that work for business meetings.

        Tapenade is very good but no private rooms. Same for Mister A's.

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          Mister A's does have a private room to the side. 35 might be a tight fit though.

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            thanks for the info--the last time I was there, they had us in the main dining room.

        2. On a Weds., Market may be a possibility, It's my 1st choice, give them a call. Haven't seen may pack out places lately.

          1. Addison in Del Mar has a beautiful private dining room, great food and service. Their chef cooked for the James Beard Foundation last year--very talented.
            Worth checking into. addisondelmar.com

            1. I really appreciate all the postings so far. Since my post, I've contacted several additional restaurants based on my research and your suggestions: Addison, Nine-Ten and Arterra. Regarding Market, it has a private dining room that can accommodate up to 26. So we'd have to seat eight in the main dining room. Superb food, matched by excellent service is more important to me that the restaurant's location and decor.

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                If you're interested in something a little different, I believe that China Max Seafood Restaurant has a private upstairs dining room that's pretty sizeable. It's not typical gourmet fare, though, it's Hong Kong-style high-end Chinese food. They do some really interesting dishes, like a black pepper steak made from a deboned porterhouse. Probably not what you're looking for, but thought I'd throw it out there.

              2. Rainwaters has a private dining room that can accomodate your request. They will help you to develop a menu.

                Roys in La Jolla has several custom menus, I think they have one for 100pp all inclusive, including two drinks per person in a private room.

                Roy's is always very good and different. The menu is inspired by HAwaii.

                I have had multile business events at both places and I have never been disapointed.

                Good Luck

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                  Roy's has good food. If you use their private rooms, the acoustics are loud and bright. Difficult if you are giving a presentation in there. Would be fine if it is a social business dinner.