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May 9, 2008 02:45 PM

comments on fogo de chao & dressing up (moved from Site Talk)

My husband and I want to go to Fogo de Chao but we are light eaters. Would it be a waste of money for us to dine there? We thought that my husband would order the full meal and I could possibly order a salad and appetizer or several appetizers if the menu permits.

Additionally, we usually dine out on Saturday evenings and several times during the weekdays. On Saturday nights, we get dressed up. My husband will wear a suit, or at least a sports coat and dress shirt. We recently dined at Fleming's Steakhouse (one of our favorite places). Diners were coming into the restaurant dressed in tattered (not decently pressed) jeans and t-shirts. The same with Oceannaire, Blue Sea Grill and Vin in Towson. If these people can afford these upscale restaurants, why can't they honor the venue by dressing appropriately?! Or they should go to places like Applebee's, Olive Garden, TGIF Friday's, etc. when dressing very casually.

Is it just my husband and I who feel this way? We go casual during the week, but never as sploppy as some of the people we see. I think dress codes so be reinstated. I am glad that the Prime Rib and Oregon Grill request that gentleman wear jackets at dinner time.

Comments please.

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  1. Just a reminder that discussion of the menu at Fogo de Chao is fine, but responses about dress codes are off-topic for this board and will be removed. If you want to discuss that please start a new topic on the Not About food board.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Sorry about that. I'm new at this, so forgive my blunder.

    2. I keep finding myself looking at folks while going out and thinking that anyone that is dressed more casually than me is a slob, and anyone dressed more formally a snob.

      I'm all for dressing appropriately for the setting....that being said, I think maybe if I ditched the khakis for some sweatpants, I could have a lot more fun at the fogo...

      1. Fogo and Oceanaire are haut chains(Oceanaire moreso than Fogo imo). Neither requires a suit or sports coat. I agree one should dress appropriately for the venue, but the aforementioned restaurants are definitely on the casual side.

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        1. re: aelph

          I personally agree that one should dress appropriately according to the restaurant. However, there have been times in which I was an out-of-town visitor and did not know what type of restaurant it was. So mistakes happen...

        2. Just out of curiosity.

          If you want to dress up, and enjoy doing so when dining out, what does it matter what the rest of the dining room is dressed like?

          Unless the restaurant has a dress code, I think each diner should have the choice to dress as they wish, and in a way that makes them comfortable and most able to enjoy their meal.

          Just my 0.02.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            Dear "ipsedixit"--point well taken. Only a few restaurants in the Baltimore area impose a dress code--Oregon Grill, Prime Rib, etc. Ruths' Chris requested "business attire" on our visit there last Saturday. But, there were people who didn't comply. But only a few as most of the diners were celebrating Mother's Day early on. But, enough said. I have a new perspective. LIVE AND LET LIVE (DRESS UP OR NOT).