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May 9, 2008 02:38 PM

Susie Cakes Now in Costa Mesa / Newport !

Attention cake and cupcake lovers in OC ...

An OC location of Susie Cakes is now open, I stumbled upon it this afternoon as I was heading for Kean Coffee. It's just a few storefronts down, in the same shopping center located at 17th and Irvine Blvd.

The cakes and cupcakes look really really good. I took home a huge slice of 6-layer chocolate fudge cake, which I'm planning to have for dessert, after a stop at the gym first.

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  1. So how was the Cake? I was not impressed with the cupcakes....too much icing. The icebox cake looks interesting.

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    1. re: Catinthehat2u

      It was very good. You're right, they don't skimp on the icing, but on my cake, the icing was really good, so IMO that's not a bad thing.

    2. I really enjoy their cinnamon roll, which the Brentwood location sadly bakes on a sporadic schedule ("on some Saturdays"). Try it and let me know what you think. Their whoopie pies are damn good, too.

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      1. re: dynamike

        Have you had their carrot cake ? It looks really good.

      2. somebody post some pics please.
        do they have a website?

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        1. Got the carrot cake for a birthday - Absolutely delicious!!! Loved the free samples, too :)

          1. I bought half a dozen cupcakes today, a mini key lime tart and a whoopie pie from Susie Cakes in Newport. The whoopie pie was ooey gooey, really good and the red velvet cupcake - oh man! The cake is melt in your mouth moist with just a whisper of cocoa, the red color is brilliantly vibrant and the cream cheese frosting is flavorful and very generously spread on the cake. The girls at the counter were very nice too= they also gave me some free snickerdoodles, which were really tasty. and the free samples were a nice touch too. Not cheap - $30 altogether (each cupcake was $3) but it was worth it.

            And there is no such thing as too much frosting on a cupcake, IMHO. :-)

            Will give my review of the other cupcake flavors shortly.

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            1. re: FoodieKat

              Finally finished the last of the half dozen cupcakes on Friday. The tastiest flavors were the chocolate, peanut butter and red velvet, but the strawberry and coconut flavors also get honorable mentions (coconut was just a liitle too subtle for my tastes but the cake and frosting were still good). I would happily go back to Susiecakes, and try their cake slices next time. Hate to say it, but French's cupcake bakery might finally have some competition!

              1. re: FoodieKat

                I've had Susie's cupcakes and they will NEVER compete with French's Cupcake Bakery, nor will Susie's cake. I have never had anything from any bakery in OC that can compete with French's Cupcake Bakery. I've tried all flavors of their cupcakes with my favorite being the lemon blueberry and killer chocolate. I would not turn down the red velevt or the chocloate peanut butter either. Their prices can't be beat either. French's gournment cupcakes are only $2.00 and worth the $3.00 you're paying at Susie's. The service is always above and beyond what is expected.