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May 9, 2008 02:31 PM

Homemade White Pizza

I just wasted an hour of my time making this white pizza recipe I got from the internet. It basically has you simmer olive oil, butter and oregano, basil, rosemary with some minced fresh garlic. So far so good. Then it says to spread riccota cheese and top with fresh tomatoes and basil. Sounds good but I thought it was horrible!! Why can't I duplicate the white pizza we get from the pizza shop? They won't give out their secret, I've tried. I don't like those recipes that call for Alfredo sauce as your base either. I am picky and sick of paying $$25 for a simple white pizza. But then I just threw my pizza in the trash after I yelled at the kids for not liking it and reminding them about the staving kids in 3rd world countries. I even used fresh dough. HELP!!

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  1. You have a few options, as I see it:
    •keep working at it, and start simply, with fewer ingredients; rather than complicated concoctions, for best results.
    •Accept that some foods are best made by professionals, with years of expertise, using speaialized equipment (ovens, for example.)

    Best of luck in your quest for a good white pizza.

    1. The only cheese you used was ricotta? That sounds to me like you are missing something. I can't imagine eating a pizza with only ricotta.

      Most of the white pizzas around here are mostly a mozz/parm blend with dabs of ricotta, although my favorite version is only mozz/parm and topped with roasted garlic.

      I'd stretch out the dough, and then drizzle all over with olive oil (or garlic infused oil), then cover lightly with your cheese of choice (a good melting cheese like mozzarella, provolone, etc). Don't lay it on too thick. Dot with ricotta. Please on a pizza stone in an oven that was pre-heated at the highest temp it could go for an hour and cook till done. In my oven, at 500-550, it takes about 8 minutes. If you want to add slices of tomato to it, make sure they are super dry or they'll make the whole pizza soggy. Also, don't add the basil until you take it out of the oven.

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        I did forget to mention that I topped it with some mozzarella. After tasting it, I didn't like the riccota-maybe I put too much on. Next time I will dot.I did use my pizza stone but only baked it at 450 like the directions said. I will heat it at 500 next time. Thanks for the tips!

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          White pizza is good with just ricotta if you "marinate" the ricotta for 30 minutes to an hour in a little good olive oil, minced garlic, herbs of your choice, sea salt etc. A pizzeria around here used to do their white pizza this way and it was phenomenal.

        2. Mix the ricotta (and this is the time to use traditional whole milk product, well drained and pressed to extract even more water) with generous amounts of freshly grated parmigiano reggiano or another flavorful cheese like aged asiago, then some fresh, well drained mozzarella for pull. I have family who swear by adding an egg yolk to the ricotta, but I find the texture weird. It's not calzone filling.

          To finish, mince some fresh parsley and basil with garlic and lemon zest, and sprinkle over the baked pie.

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            By "traditional," do you mean traditional to white pizza or traditional whole milk ricotta?

            1. re: MacGuffin

              I mean full fat ricotta cheese, not fat free, not low fat, not part skim. Yes, I am aware that traditionally, ricotta is made from whey byproduct of mozarella cheese making, so is not "traditionally" as rich as whole milk ricotta. But, the way cheese is made and marketed today, ricotta from whole milk is often labeled "traditional". This is the best ricotta for white pie, IMHO.

              1. re: amyzan

                The stuff manufacturers get away with on labels never ceases to amaze me.

          2. why tomato on a white pizza? not so much on the basil here either.

            i'd agree with the strong cheeses rec. plus, gah-lic ga-lore!

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              I like some fresh tomato slices on top then I add fresh basil when it comes out of the oven. I guess I am mixing pizza margarita with white pizza.

            2. Go onto and search for pizza bianca. There are some nice ideas - such as carmelized onions!