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May 9, 2008 02:02 PM

Satmar acceptable Hekesher...(Candy or other...)

While I keep kosher, I am certainly not machmir enough, nor an authority to guide others...however, the Japanese president of my company was invited to a Satmar household for dinner.

Normally he would bring back treats from Japan such as candies or crackers, however, he realizes this is not an option.

Even with 8 boys, toys, I believe would probably be frowned upon as well...

So, I have been tasked to find acceptable kosher candy or treats for him to bring to dinner.

I do believe that Paskesz candies are produced by the Satmar, so I may recommend he bring Pareve candies since it will likely be a fleishig meal...

Can anyone offer any guidance/direction? I will call Paskesz on Monday and also some Satmar contacts I have....(I tried to call Paskesz after 1PM but, as I expected, they were closed already for Shabbes).

Thank you in advance!

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom,


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  1. Fruit Basket or a piece of silver (they like shiny things)

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    1. re: mrmoose

      That was a joke, I hope.

      Definitely stay parve. No need to get into the whole chalav yisroel thing.

    2. CRC in a oval (not in a triangle-from Chicago) is acceptable-. CRC in a oval is the Beth Din Hameyuchud L’inyonei Kashrus of the Central Rabbinical Congress (Hisachdus Horabonim) (based on Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Depending where you are your friend are located- you may want to stop in a local store (well, depending where the dinner will be was) in Williamsburg- like Hatzlacha Supermarket.

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