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Waay too Many Canned Water Chestnuts!

I don't know why...but my husband bought 12 cans of water chestnuts from the Chinese grocery store. What can I do with them besides a stir fry?

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  1. Sorry for laughing DaisyM but I almost fell off my chair!
    I use chestnuts in dumplings mostly, or chicken and beef dishes. Do you have a specific dish in mind? There are quite a few dishes that you can make using them up, the shelf life is good on these thankfully!

    1. We put them in a PF Chang-style lettuce wrap

      1. I seriously asked my husband if he now was hoarding canned chestnuts because he heard there might be a shortage. He said he forgot that the last time he went to the Chinese grocery he got 6 cans (and we didn't use any). What I didn't post was that he also did this with baby corn. I just know there isn't any use for them except stir frys. Maybe at Halloween I'll be giving out canned Chinese vegetables to unsuspecting kids.

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          Haha. Hopefully the kids won't egg your house!

          I sometimes add chopped water chestnuts to crab-artichoke dip. The extra crunch is kind of nice.

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            Daisy, use the baby corns in salads or on relish trays, chop in chunks and throw in soups and stews. I usually rinse them really well to get rid of their canned taste. And you could pickle them, but I've never come up with a good recipe.

          2. And don't forget rumaki --wrap bacon around the chestnuts, coat with ketchup/soy sauce glaze or chili sauce glaze, broil till bacon is crispy. It's easy to eat a ton of these!

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              Also, think about adding sliced to dips, also turkey/chicken/tuna salad. I've made a passable hot/sour soup and added a can of sliced water chestnuts, and it added great textural contrast to the tofu. Also could be added to dressing for stuffing along with the celery and onions and herbs for crunch. Good is spinach salad with bacon dressing.

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                I've done bacon-wrapped chestnuts in the past but the bacon did not stay wrapped as well as bacon-wrapped prunes. Any tips?

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                  Have been making these for years. I no longer use toothpicks as originally suggested. Cut bacon slices in half (or thirds). Wrap bacon around the chestnuts, stretching the bacon slightly. Place cut-side down on baking sheet. When the bacon cooks, it shrinks up, gripping the chestnut. If serving these to guests, add toothpicks after they've baked.

              2. You can boil and mash them, and use in either of these recipes instead of the listed optional nuts.

                or boiled & mashed with some brown sugar and maple syrup, then use as a filling in various baked or fried pastries.

                1. You poor thing! I hate those things the way some people hate overcooked brussel sprouts!

                  1. You can give them to your mail carrier for the post-office sponsored food drive today.

                    1. as an unelected representative of the knorr's dip caucus: use the water chestnuts in a double batch of knorr's spinach vegetable dip in breadbowl!

                      tip: follow package instructions, http://almostvegan.com/archives/veget...

                      but use entire bunch of scallions, including tender green parts. use 2 cans of minced water chestnuts. let cure overnight. pack into sourdough bread bowl. mmmmm....

                      1. Had to laugh because I bought a 10 lb bag of rice recently and in 25 years of marriage and 2 kids, don't believe I have used 10 lbs. of rice! But I had heard of the shortage and wanted to be certain we have some.

                        Anyway, have a terrific chicken recipe that uses canned water chestnuts. This may not be the most "foodie" gourmet recipe, but have served for company and everyone LOVES IT. One batch of stuffing makes enough for 6 large bone in, skin on chicken breasts or 1 whole 4-6 lb. roaster.

                        1 can sliced water chestnuts, drained
                        1 pkg Knorr veg soup mix
                        1 pkg frozen chopped spinach, defrosted and WELL DRAINED
                        8 oz cream cheese, softened (I use light)
                        8 oz sour cream

                        Mix all stuffing ingredients together well. Should be pretty stiff, so it wont ooze during roasting. Slip fingers between skin on chicken and loosen to create pocket. Either stuff breasts or whole chicken with stuffing mix. Season chicken with Lawry's season salt, pepper, garlic, paprika. Place in one layer in large greased roasting pan. Cover with alum foil. Bake @ 375 for 30 min covered. Uncover, baste chicken, bake another 30 min for breasts and 4 lb chicken, maybe a little longer for very large chicken. Also great room temp on buffet. Never have leftovers. Usually serve with noodles or rice and salad.

                        1. These asian chicken and water chestnut patties are pretty good. I coat them in panko as well.


                          Also I really like using water chestnuts in tuna salads. It give it a nice crunch.

                          1. I mix chopped water chestnuts into a cream cheese and green onion mixture for stuffing into dumplings. That doesn't really use very many of them though, unless you're making 100s of dumplings.

                            If you're having a lazy cooking night, I'd also throw them in with other veggies/proteins in one of the simmer sauces from Trader Joe's (I love those things, I realize I could put together the stuff myself, but sometimes convenience wins).

                            1. I use them in a layered salad. Use each of the following in a layer, make the day before and then just toss before eating.

                              Celery (Diced)
                              Water Chestnuts (Diced)
                              Green Onions (Sliced thin)
                              Green Pepper (Diced)
                              Baby Peas (Frozen)
                              Spread thin layer of Mayo over top
                              Sprinkle thin layer of Parmesan Cheese
                              Sprinkle 2 TBS Sugar over top