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May 9, 2008 01:26 PM

Near Verona, Ristorante Arquade

We are planning to be in Verona in early June. Ristorante Arquade is a Michelin 2-star restaurant in the Villa Del Quar, located outside of Verona. Has anyone eaten there or head anything about it?

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  1. Sorry to not respond specifically to Ristorante Arquade but if you are going to be in Verona there is a single starred restaurant that I believe is the most atmospheric in all of Italy: Look closely at La Fontanina's photos; when you are there virtually all of the light is from candlelight. What you see in the panaramic photos was lighted specifically to show the room. The actual light is much dimmer, softer and far more romantic. It is an incredible eccentric experience unlike any other I have found in 30+ years of heavy European travel. I have posted extensively on here for eight years and this is the one restaurant-more than any other-that I would return to in Europe. Overall the food is not quite as good as the three stars Dal Pescatore, La Pergola or (in my opinion the best) Le Calandre (still worth the Michelin star however for food alone), but the overall experience is beyond any of these. Simply, an incredible setting unmatched by even the 2,000 year old Michelin starred La Fournace di Barbiblu I once wrote about. The restaurant is also virtually unknown by Americans and has received little if any press here. If you google it about the only thing you'll find in English is the description "kooky, romantic" from UK's Telegraph. I've long intended to write about it; absent the time at the moment it is an incredible experience well "worth the journey."

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      Thanks for the recommendation. It looks great. I'd still like to hear from someone about Ristorante Arquade, which is a Relais & Chateaux restaurant in a Villa/resort just outside of Verona.