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May 9, 2008 01:13 PM

Restaurant des Families

A few weeks ago I tried to get some feedback on this Westbank restaurant but got very little. A group of 12 of us had by and large a great dinner there last Saturday. First the owner and staff were very gracious and stayed there extra late for us, as we had dificulty finding the restaurant. I would suggest getting directions direclty from them rather than using Mapquest. We started with a couple or orders of onion rings. These were maybe the best onion rings I have ever had. The steller main courses were Fried Oysters and the Shrimp Creole (I must say it is the best rendition of this I have ever had, even better than mine). The one entre that was rejected by all who sampled it, was the broiled catfish (the seasoning was too spicy). We had great seats along the back, glass wall overlooking the water. There is a spotlight or two on it so we could see the turles and alligators even in the dark. A great place to go with a large group esprecailly during Jazzfest.

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  1. My father loves this place. They do seafood very well, it's not anything that will blow you away, they just do it well, and the setting is very nice.