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LES Spot for Dinner Pre-Milk & Honey?

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Hi All - my date and I are going to wind up at Milk & Honey tomorrow night for post dinner drinks and was curious if anyone had great dinner recs for something relatively close in the neighborhood (short cab or long walk...).

Was thinking along the lines of Little Giant, Apizz, Bacaro etc. Thanks so much!

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  1. I had a wonderful meal last night at Little Giant. I have been a longtime fan, but haven't been able to stop by in recent months. I'm happy to report that the food still rocks--it may be better than ever, actually. The intimate space is warm and inviting and word is that they may soon have outside seating. It is close to Milk and Honey. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

    1. The basement at Inoteca might work nicely too, if only because it would set the tone . The food is decent and they have a pretty good wine selection from what I can tell.

      Maybe Stanton Social? Allen & Delancey? Frankies, WD-50,and Falai are closer.

      1. All good suggestions so far, I had a nice meal at the Stanton Social. But if you like spicy and small plates style try Kuma Inn. One of my fav's in the area.

        1. I would recommend also checking out the orchard and rayuela

          1. Suba for tapas/spanish is very good.

            1. Brown on Hester has always been my fave. A bit small quarters which can be quite intimate and romantic if you get one of the window seats (for larger parties you can try to reserve the dining room next store- I don't believe there is an extra charge) Food is delicious and seasonal, young waitstaff that keep it feeling very chill but totally competent and attentive.

              1. Totally go to Apizz everything is cooked in a wood burning oven so it's SO delicious and romantic. Allen and Delancey is very romantic as well! Bacaro is also incredibly romantic -- especially if you sit downstairs in their wine cellar feeling dining room. I would say of all the options thrown out there those three are my favorite date places. They are rustic, brick walls and dark and cozy.