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May 9, 2008 12:57 PM

3-Star Lunch Recs - Guy Savoy Closed

We are going to Paris Dec 27-Jan 5. After much reading and good advice from the 'hounds, I'd settled on Guy Savoy for our 3-star lunch. I received my Michelin Red book yesterday, and discovered that it will be closed during our stay. I am very torn regarding a second choice. The primary reason I settled on Guy Savoy over the other options was what people have said about the customer oriented, convivial atmosphere. What is a good alternative? (L'Astrance, Arpege?) If a 2-star meets our atmosphere + food combination better than the remaining 3-stars, I'm certainly willing to consider those as well. Thanks so much!

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  1. We've eaten at L'Astance when it was 2*, Taillevent when it was 3* and 2*, Le Cinq (I think it was 3*) and Table du Lancaster (I think it's 1*).

    I would go back to L'Astrance, Taillevent and Table du Lancaster in a hearbeat.

    L'Astrance has innovative food, modern decor and service that is performance art. Since we were there, the chef has earned his third star which I'm guessing means he's learned not to push the envelope that bit too far (there were a couple of dishes that were a bit wobbly the night we were there).

    Taillevent is a more formal in atmosphere - but the food is supurb and the service exceptional. I'll never forget the foi gras based in vine leaves which the sommelier matched with an aged maderia.... what a way to turn 41.

    The Table du Lancaster's food was inventive and well balanced, the service pleasant and the price a (comparative) bargain. Loved the setting, too.

    The food and wine at Le Cinq were great food and the place was extremely elegant - you have to love the little stools for your purse - but, in my view, it was just too expensive and took itself too seriously. I guess it's what happens when you're part of a big, posh hotel....

    1. L'Astrance and Taillevent definitely have friendly services, but Taillevent is subpar foodwise and l'Astrance is very casual -- I would not call a meal at l'Astrance a party, certainly not in the sense that a meal at Savoy is. Le Meurice may be your next best choice -- service there is the most professional I ever encountered, totally able to change to fit your needs. Communicate clearly what you expect and they will do it beyond expectations. But the human magic that is Savoy is rare in Paris, especially during the "trève des confiseurs". Ledoyen could work very well too, it has a definite magic.

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        Thanks so much to you both. I was intrigued by your pictures of Ledoyen, souphie. The meal looked delightful. I appreciate the feedback.