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westside sushi

I need recommendations from westsiders (Westwood, Marina del Rey etc and environs) for reliably fresh and delicious sushi - price is not an option. Thanks!

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  1. top sushi joints on the westside, imo, are sushi zo and mori.

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      of the two, mori will cost more $$.

      also, if you go to sushi zo, be aware that they offer just a couple of cooked items so everyone in your party will need to be ok with raw fish.

      i love them both, but for different things.
      at this moment, i love zo more, but it is an ever-changing vacillation between the two.
      sushi zo, imho, is a better deal, fwiw

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        Please, PLEASE, don't go to Mori on a Sunday night!!! I know it's my fault to go on a Sunday night, but they shouldn't even open on a night when their fish is terribly unfresh. It ruins their reputation toally in my book.

      2. don't forget kiriko, sasabune, echigo

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          Incredible sashimi, great toro seared

          some photos

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            Also Takao has wonderful cooked dishes - Lobster, great tempura, interesting seafood (see last photo), and Wagyu Beef from Kagoshima, Japan

        2. You definitely can't go wrong with Mori .


            1. Regardless where you go, you will get different grades of fish. You figure, there are only so many whole sale fish supply companies in DT LA.

              Get to know the chef and let him/her decide what you should eat for the day. That will guarantee freshness.

              1. I always like Sushi Masu, on Westwood just south of Santa Monica Blvd.

                1. I go to zo, mori and kiriko regularly but I also LOOOVe irori in MDR. Not as fancy but the sushi is very good, the sake is not overpriced. They will tell you if the fish you want is not that good that day (if you sit at the bar).

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                    imho, irori isn't even near the mori-zo-kiriko league.

                    irori's fish isn't nearly as good, and they must know it because they douse it in TONS of sauce.

                    irori, for years was my go-to place because it is moments from my house, but after tasting zo, kiriko, and mori, i just can't bring myself to go back there any more.

                  2. You may want to also consider Bar Hayama on Sawtelle. Very respectable sushi and sashimi, but a very well-rounded menu in general. Also if you enjoy sake, I don't know of a deeper broader selection than theirs - they'll be glad to offer flights and pairings... A couple of posts have mentioned questionable quality fish on Sundays - this is true for most places. Alot of Japanese restos are closed Mondays - they're trying to purge their inventory before their day off...

                    1. YES list:
                      Sushi Zo
                      The Hump
                      Bar Hamaya

                      NO list:
                      Hamasaku (unless you like rolls a lot)

                      NOT EVEN IF IT WAS THE LAST SUSHI JOINT ON EARTH list: Echigo

                      By the way, "westside sushi" is a VERY well-covered topic in previous posts. Use the 'search this board' function to check out what other 'hounds have had to say in many similar posts...