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May 9, 2008 12:08 PM

Sushi lover meets fish hater who likes japanese!

I'm looking for a great dinner tonight that is not too terribly expensive, but nice date place where i can get stellar sushi and my boyfriend can get some good Japanese food that is not fish/seafood and also not too standard. I work in Soho, so anywhere that's convenient from here is fine. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have a guy friend who does not eat fish at all and we were having the same issue. I took him to Blue Ribbon Sushi and he was just fine there as they make some great meat and vegetable alternatives.

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      I too would also think that Blue Ribbon would be a good alternative. Sushi is not quite on the level of some place like Yasuda, but it's still good. And there are a lot of non-fish dishes on the menu as well. And it's in Soho.

    2. LAN on 3rd Ave is a Japanese fusion restaurant famous for their steak (Wagyu Beef from America or Japan). Their meat dishes, like beef tongue and duck, were also quite delicious. Their sushi were also very fresh. Not Yasuda's level, but definitely much better than your neighborhood Japanese places. They have kobe beef shabu shabu which is perfect for this rainy weather! They also have some fried rice with beef dishes that were quite good.

      Of course their seafood is good, but you don't have to be limited to fish there.

      1. Try Nori on 2nd between st marks and E. 7th. or Takahachi on Duane st. off W . bway

        1. I would have said all the places mentioned below:

          Blue Ribbon Sushi- delicious dishes as well as fairly good sushi.
          Takahashi- excellent dishes and great sushi (much more reasonably priced than BRS)
          Lan- STEAK was superb. great dishes, sushi fine.