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May 9, 2008 12:07 PM

Hana and Big Island - recs for seafood lovers on honeymoon?

Help!!! We are trying to book our honeymoon and are thinking of Hana in Maui (for the peace and privacy) and the big island for something a bit more lively (no idea where yet). We LOVE seafood and chowhounding so any good recommendations of take away or restaurants would be great. We will travel far for great food, but don't like anything which means that we have to dress up! We have never been to Maui so have no idea what to expect and there doesn't seem to be much in Hana so we wondered if its worth staying there for more than 3 days? So any suggestions on where to stay on maui/ big island would also be great! Thank you ; )

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  1. My new favorite restaurant on the Big Island is the Holuakoa Cafe in Holualoa town (excellent pastas with fresh locally grown ingredients)...the Original Thai in Kailua town is also excellent...for local type food the Big Island Grill in Kailua town is very good...for Japanese food Kenichi is the best (in Keauhou area)...for ambiance the Canoe House along resort row cannot be beat...luncheon at the Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi town is a special daytrip treat...lunch at the Coffee Shack on the main road south of Captain Cook village is special, too...good luck and ka'ahele malu

    1. I forgot to mention Fujimama's in Kailua town for cocktails and pupus

      1. Last trip over to Hana, there was not much in the way of great food. Heck, there was not any really good food. However, that said, it is on a lovely side of Maui, and is worth the trip, regardless of the food.

        I did a review (2 years ago) on higher-end on the Kona-side of the Big Island. Some things might have changed in that time. Recentely, there was a negative review of Daniel Thibaut's, but we had excellent fare there for two meals, 18+ mos. before.

        We had some lovely, though a bit more "down-home" around Hilo. The levels were not the same, but in all, the food there was very good, though never reaching "great."

        Happy honeymoon, regardless of where you end up,

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          Thanks so much S Marquis and Bill! I think we're going to spend 3 nights in hana and 3 in lahaina - still looking at the big island - really appreciate your chow tips! :)

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            make sure you try the malasadas on the Big Island