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Norma's-Any knock out dishes?

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Planning on a breakfast next week, looked at the interesting menu. Any Knock-out dishes?

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  1. Chocolate decadence french toast - it's like 3 brownies drenched in chocolate sauce! Wazaa waffle is excellent. I like the foie gras french toast as well. You really can't go wrong at Normas!

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      Thanks! I am excited.

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        Get the breakfast nachos for the table to share--amazing, but more like dessert. The frittata was very good if you went to go the eggs route, as is the eggs Benedict.

      2. Macadamia nut pancakes.

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        2. The Crunchy French Toast is very yummy if you have a sweet tooth.

          1. I honestly was pretty underwhelmed the one time I tried Norma's a few years ago. The food wasn't bad, just forgettable. What I do remember is the price seeming way too high for what we got. When I had the opportunity to dine there again recently, I passed.

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              Don't tell me what I can't do. My point was that there are no knockout dishes. It's overpriced mediocrity.