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May 9, 2008 11:44 AM

Graduation Stresses!!! Thoughts on Calle Ocho

I am in the midst of coordinating a multi-family graduation party. We began at Cafe Frida, then I went to Nolita House and now I am on Calle Ocho... What is the opinion of the place? We decided to move it back to the Upper West Side, any other ideas? I am pulling my hair out with this! We have 7 people and trying to stay below $25 an entree.


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  1. I've always thought food there was pretty unremarkable. I usually only choose it when there is more focus on the drinking than on the eating. Of course, if this is a high school graduation, that may not be the case!

    Don't shoot me, but what about something like Carmine's? Price is right there and it's family size portions to boot!

    1. I'd probably do Calle Ocho over Carmines. Calle Ocho is not bad -- festive atmosphere, great cheese breads. If you like Neuvo Latino, it's pretty good. I wouldn't stress too much over it.

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        Thanks...Graduate School graduation. I am bring a mix of grandparents, parents, boyfriend and his mother. We don't want anything too crazy. Carmines is a little too much for me. We are also heading to Italy the next day!


      2. I haven't been to Calle Ocho in several years, but I sorta liked it. The food wasn't great, but certainly good and a little different, and, as Miss Needle said, it's a very festive atmosphere.

        The only thing, since you mention grandparents and this might be a problem, is that it gets very loud.

        1. I have eaten there several times and like the other posters, have found the food good but not remarkable. It does however have a very festive atmosphere, and I believe would fit your needs perfectly.