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May 9, 2008 11:42 AM

Best Chicken Salad? (cross-post from manhattan)

Just ate another lousy korean deli chicken salad sandwich my desk -- the kind where you can taste the canola oil, not the mayo. From a quick search on CH and elsewhere, nobody seems to have much of an opinion about my favorite salad. The best I've had in NYC is from Murray's Bagels -- good chicken, almost too salty but not quite, sets off their sweet bagels nicely. But there must be better -- I know the platonic ideal of chicken salad is out there -- where is it??

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  1. I have an unnatural chick salad obsession. In Brooklyn, there's great curry chicken salad at Marquet Patisserie in Cobble Hill, on Court. I also like the regular chick salad (their curry cs is too sweet) at F train bagels on Smith and 9th st.

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      Excellent! I was beginning to think nobody else cared about the stuff. Those are both fairly convenient to me, I'll definitely check them out. Thanks!

      Anybody else? I want to find the best!

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        For the best that I know of you'd have to travel to Englewood NJ or Staten Island, but I have enjoyed very, very good chicken salad from 2 Brooklyn places, One was Lasson & Hennigs on Montague St and the other was from a wnoderful "old style" Bay Ridge Deli of 5th Ave and about 77th St called Mejalander & Mulgannon. M&M also makes killer potato, mac and carrot salads. The most immaculate store EVER!
        Hope that adds to your choices :-} Here are their sites.

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          We had a good chicken salad sandwich on a choice of whole grain bread or white at the Root Hill Cafe, which is on the corner of 3rd Ave. adn Carroll. We also tried the tuna, but liked the chicken better.

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            My favorite is the chunky chicken salad served on raisin punpernickel.Sounds a little weird, but it's an incredibley good siganature sandwich at the ( semi) famous Baumgarts ice cream parlor/asian restaurant

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              Family Fruit on Hylan Blvd and Greeley Ave makes delecious, fresh,all white meat chunky chicken salad, as well as tuna and 'crab' salads. Just a little mayo and some finely chopped celery.Never too much. At $6+ a lb it's not inexpensive but it's often on sale for $4 lb. Check the Thurs SI Advance for their weekly specials. They also have all sorts of tempting prepared daily food specials. Yesterday it was chicken, both fingers and oreganata as well as asparagus and fresh stringbean salads. And those addictive knots.! I'm scarfing down a wondefrul spinach knot as I type.

      2. If your in Queens there are 2 places that I like there chicken salad. Middlevillage on Eliot Ave Andy's Deli and in Maspeth on Grand Ave Walters Deli .Made with mayo. If you like it a little dryer and with onion Franks deli in Maspeth also is good

        1. I don't know if it can compare to some of the other recommendations on here, but costco's rotisserie chicken salad (in the prepared section) is surprisingly good. When we get it I can eat it everyday for a week (esp. on a croissant) without getting sick of it. Just an old school chicken salad -- white meat, mayo (not too much), lots of celery, etc., but good enough that I crave it from time to time.