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May 9, 2008 11:38 AM

Best Chicken Salad?

Just ate another lousy korean deli chicken salad sandwich my desk -- the kind where you can taste the canola oil, not the mayo. From a quick search on CH and elsewhere, nobody seems to have much of an opinion about my favorite salad. The best I've had in NYC is from Murray's Bagels -- good chicken, almost too salty but not quite, sets off their sweet bagels nicely. But there must be better -- I know the platonic ideal of chicken salad is out there -- where is it??

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  1. I like the chicken salad at Lenny's (which also happens to be run by Koreans). The ingredients are of high quality and it always tastes fresh. However, I think that it's undersalted so you may want to grab a few salt packets on your way out.

    1. Believe it or not, Citarella's on 6th Ave in the W. Village makes a pretty good curried chicken salad wrap. It has celery, golden raisins, pears, sliced almonds, and a little bit of heat to it. The cs has depth of flavor, and best of all it's not overly sweet like many places tend to make it. At $5, it's hard to beat.

      1. chicken salad gotta be made at home, all the rest is old chicken , I never had good chicken salad. best has been curry chicken salad at Bazzini in Tribeca

        1. William Poll on the UES has a "famous" chicken salad that is quite good. Top of the line quality. Supposedly it was Joan Crawford's (or some other equally famous actress of her generation) favorite. Not too much mayo. Not cheap either. But very good.

          1. i like the chicken salad at grey dog a lot. it has huge chunks of chicken in it, and always tastes fresh. its hearty but not heavy. if you really want to go for the gold you should order their chicken salad melt w/ melted cheddar cheese, avacado and bacon - which i REALLY recommend.

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              Todaro's on Second Ave between 30 and 31 st does a good salad, with white meat chicken, walnuts, raisins, celery and dill bound with thick but not slimy mayo. Only buy when the tray seems full.