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May 9, 2008 11:28 AM

Brooks and Porter (Steak House) Merrick, LI

This place only about a few months old, and they are crowded almost every night of the week. They have a great looking bar with a lively crowd. If you have to wait for you table as we did,
This is a really cool looking place as well as having GREAT food. it has a much more updated/trendy look and feel than the other steakhouses around.

If you are a steak lover as I am go for their porter house for 2, it's as good as it gets. I mean really good. It came cooked perfectly to order - in my case rare +, which is between rare and medium rare. Many places can't seem to get it right with that kind of order, but B & P did - and with no puzzled look from the waiter. They are so pleasent there it was a pleasure.

The service is very good. Not to easy to find these days. Our waiter was attentive enough without being intrusive, and he was knowledgable on all the night's offerings - including the specials.
The sides we had were all great as well.
I've been to lots of steak houses on LI ,this one has them all beat, I found it to beat Bryant and Coopers, Tellers, Mortons, Jimime Hayes, Majors, Blackstone's and even the Great neck branch of Peter Lugers. My very favorite is still Peter Lugars in Brooklyn.

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    1. I can agree to that, Brooks and Porter is a super restaurant. The food and Service is wonderful

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        I agree, B&P is excellent. Gave a short review on an earlier thread. We've been back 3 more times. Last week we had drinks at the bar and ate at a table in the bar area. No resrv,. at those tables, first come first serve.
        It has become our go to steak place on the Island.